Gave my stoma a sex change


When I originally got my stoma I named it Igor then when I got permanent ileostomy surgery I gave it a sex change and called it Helen. Because of mount saint Helen it erupted like it so it got a deserving name. I just find it funny that I tell it like that. 


Love it! I remember when my st helens blew. What a mess! 

Powdered glass ash everywhere!

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Yes, Helen seems like a good name!  Also, I've always found it odd that a female would giver her stoma a male name anyway!  Mine is Rosie, as I had a doctor at the hospital where I had my surgery tell me I had a "nice rosebud"!



My first temporary stoma was named Xenomorph, after the "chestburster" in Alien.

My second is called Sequel.

They don't really have a gender, although I do tell "him" off.


😆 love it!

Mine is Mike.

I got it like 11 years ago, and the TV show "Dirty Jobs" was popular.  I named it after the host, Mike Rowe.  He was always in the grossest, dirtiest situations (often covered in poo) but he ALWAYS had a good attitude and found a way to laugh through the shit.  I am so inspired by him!  


But "Helen" is brilliant!

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Love your sense of humor!


Haha! Mine is named Charlie after Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's a gender neutral name these days but he's definitely a man.