Granulomas: Seeking Treatment Advice


I have a number of granulomas around my colostomy stoma. They are irritating and cause the wafer to part company with my skin. Apparently, they are too large to be treated with silver nitrate and require surgical intervention. Does anybody have any experience with granulomas and their treatment?


I looked up granulomas and read about it. Not sure I understand yet, but it sounds like a pretty major difficulty. Perhaps you could share a bit more. Never know when it might be an issue for others.


I wish I had something to share, my friend... I can't imagine how it must be to treat and maintain wound care under such conditions... I'm so sorry.

I've treated them on patients with nitrate, but like with any burn, they required sterile technique, antibiotic ointment, and air for proper healing. Have the doctors explored and explained why you have them there? I've never had one, but do know medical attention is VERY necessary. Please let us know how you're coming along, and I wish you a speedy recovery..............

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Oh... I almost forgot... Have you tried ultra-violet light? Steroid creams help if the wounds aren't thick, but your flange surely won't stick with it... The light may help, ask your doctor, okay?

Your friend, BEG


Jandap, the only way to get rid of them is to ask your MD for a 3-week treatment of prednisone. (pills) If you are using a convex pouch, switch for a month to a flat pouch and use an Eakin Seal with it. That should take care of it. Good luck.

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Yes, I have the same, but not too big at the minute. I use a convex bag that seems to help the bag stick better with them.

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