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Help, what do I eat?

Hello all,  I wondered if anybody out there could help me with a minor blip I'm having.  I have been given a blood sugar testing kit by GP as it has gone up in the past, but by cutting out sugar I can usually get it back down O.K.  However, I have not been feelin g myself for the past couple of days and found that they are up to 10 and 11 again, and I just wonder what I am supposed to eat as I am one of these cololstomists that can't eat any greens, so tend to live off carbs, potatoes, carrots, rice and bread so I am stuck as to what to do.  I don't want to go to GP as I have seen him enough lately with this stupid rectal discharge I have been getting.  For anyone lucky enough to have missed my post about this, I know I get a discharge, but it was green and blood stained.  So what do I do about this eating lark, any ideas would be gratefully received.  I did wonder if it was the Metronidazole I am on, but pre stoma I had that plenty of times, and it didn't seem to have that effect but I guess things can change.  Please help as I'm dying for a cup of tea!!
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If you cannot eat any greens, you may want to consider having a glass of V8 daily to make up for certain missing veggies. The fact that you are not feeling well for the past few days, however, may be due to something beside your diet. (I usually feel rundown and am prone to catching colds when the seasons change.) In this regard, you should never be reluctant to see your GP when you have an important issue. Finally, sometimes you need to break the rules; so, do yourself a favor.  Put the kettle on and enjoy that cup of tea.
I agree 100% with Primeboy; everything in moderation including moderation.

Thanks a lot PB and X, unfortunately I don't know what V8 is, I am assuming that it is a vegetable juice so I might well try that.  I had my cup of tea as I rummaged in an old handbag and found some sweeteners so that was good (not as good as sugar though!). I know I sound awkward but My sugars have now gone up to 13 so I think if they go any higher I am going to have to give in and go to doctor.  The trouble is that I have really been fighting this as I am epileptic and have ischaemic heart disease aswell and so have 11 stents and the right artery has still blocked off, so diabetes is right on the bottom of my list right now.  I think perhaps I might have to see a dietician, as I know what is good for me and I love veggies and salad, but I just can't eat them without having terrible gas and diarrhea, which is why I have been sticking to the carbs. Oh, why is life never easy?  Because if it was it would be boring!
Diabetes? Do you have it? Usually simple sugars will cause havoc for a diabetic, but you say that you are having trouble with complex Carbs? They are usually managed better. I wonder if the stress is causing your sugars to rise as an effect of cortisol. You really should see a physician.

I do have diabetes and two stomas and have been battling with diet for three years since the diabetes diagnosis.

I have to say that the blood glucose readings you are getting really do need sorting out with your GP as diabetes has a knock on effect to so many other conditions and can cause further complications with the conditions you are already dealing with.

I speak from experience as I also have chronic arthritus and have had many an operation for cancer and radiotherapy.

With regards to the greens the main problem lies with the fibre they contain, the majority of which is in the stalks, however the leaves do contain the trace elements and vitamins which are needed. I cut as much hard stalk away when cooking greens.

The diet for diabetes requires a high fibre low carbohydrate diet, sugar is also a carbohydrate, in the purest form, other carbohydrates like potatoes, flour, rice etc are converted to sugar by the body's digestive process.

Let me know how it goes I might be able to offer you some tips

Love and peace
Hi there - you need to focus on Low GI foods, and amongst the list - there is a good one on Diabetes UK website , you will surely find some foods that you enjoy. You didnt mention whether you are controlled by Insulin or Metformin/Gliclazides?

Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Hi Coral,
Not sure if you were replying to me???
Personally I inject exenatide twice a day, found that because it slows down the release of the nutrients/food that I have been able to increase my fibre content, though still cannot cope with oats, spelt, wholemeal. Ok with sweet potato but not pumkin and squash.
As for metformin, I cannot tolerate it, including slow release. It just causes
and the more I take the less effective it is.
I was a member of Diabetes UK but no one responded to my post for people with stomas and diabetes. and not seen much here either.
So just pop in now and again to see whats occuring
Thanks so much Xerses, Julia and coral.  The reason I have been worried is that my doctor had told me that I was likely to get diabetes if I didn't watch my diet.  This is because when I have the dreaded Prednisilone and they do routine BM's in hospital, my levels go very high, but they are taking quite a long time to come back down after, which is why he gave me a kit and said to just keep a check on it if I felt unwell as he thought this was a prelude to Type 2.  Well, I only check if feeling unwell and that is why I panicked a bit when I started getting higher readings.  (I know a bit about diabetes as my grandson has it, a foster child of mine had it and my best friend died of it)  Therefore I respect it!  I understood that carbs affected it which is why I was complaining about my diet.  The reason I don't eat the greens is that it gives me diarrhea, although I will certainly try the idea of taking the stalks off the broccoli, and cucumber gives me so much gas that I nearly take off!  The other problem with the leaves e.g. lettuce etc is that even if I shred it I usually still end up having to pull strands of it out the next day and I just don't like doing that, perhaps in time, say after my 1st anniversary next year I might be a bit more blase about it.  As for my original question about the diabetes, well my sugar levels have now gone down, yippee.  The reason for this is I believe, that I stopped taking the metronidazole as I had a seizure, so that was obviously what did it.  It is the first time that I have had it since the op and I had a high dose so I have to assume it was that.  However, thankyou everyone who took the trouble to reply and sorry for the long tale.  I am still struggling with my weight, I have put on nearly 2 stone and just don't kn ow how to lose this, as I cannot exercise because of my heart, so am going to give myself a good talking to and see if I can come up with something.
dear supernan you seem to be in a dilemma, the V8 you are correct is a vegetable juice, i've never had any but have seen it at the major supermarkets usually where the none chilled juices are. Personally i think you should go back to the doctors or your colostomy nurse and asked to be referred to a dietician who will consider all your problems and help you find the right foods to eat. Also I would consider a trip to Holland and Barratt to get a good quality multi vitamin and some thing to build your immune system.
Good luck and don't be worried about seeing the doctor a lot because that's what they are there for to help you.
Thanks trudel,  I think you are right in that I could do with some help from a dietician, the only reason I have put it off is that everybody seems to be so different and I hear people on here and in Tidings etc that say that they can eat anything, and so thought that it must be just my stomach being awkward.  What I find the hardest is that I absolutely love  (or loved) salad and veggies (especially raw ones) and my favourite snack in the evening was celery and spring onions with a salad cream dip! Now I can't have any of it.  I have just got some seafood sticks to try to train my taste buds with!
Hello there, So sorry you've been having trouble with your diet. I read a book by Dr.David Servan Schreiber which said that cancer thrives on sugar and you need to have anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, cinnamon and green tea which are very rich in those properties. He suggests Agave Nectar as a sweetener that doesn't aggravate those cells - or fruit sugars. Not sure you could use them but any supermarket sells them. The Agave is derived from cactus juice - just like honey but without the aftertaste. I found green tea a good substitute for 'real' tea. Tetley make a nice one. Let it stew for a bit, ignore the anaemic colour and stick a drop of milk in - Bob'syour uncle! Hope this helps. Lizz
Thanks lizz, I have had green tea before and found it not too unpleasant, and I love cinnamon, and funny enough I can tolerate curries (with no coconut in).  I will have to try the Agave Nectar.  Thanks for the tips.
Hi I'm back again, yes you do read that people can eat any thing and yes thats probably true, but i think your in the same position as myself and its still early days, I had my operation last November . I have found that some of the foods I was used to having did cause nasty reactions so I stopped having them for a while and then slowly re-introduced them back into my diet a little at a time, it seems to me you have to re-educate your stomach and bowel over a period of time.
Also I think you can get obsessed about food and what you can and can't have but in time you'll be surprised what you can eat, I now eat my food a lot more slowly and chew a lot more and this seems to have a good effect also you feel fuller and more satisfied. Also eat small amounts but more often. All these tips seem to stop me feeling hungry. So good luck and concentrate on enjoying life and not just food.
Oh trudel, how I agree with you.  I sometimes feel that I am obsessed with food now and it makes me feel such a pig.  However, I am trying things occasionally, some with disastrous results, but others not so.  Also, if I know I am not going out anywhere then I treat myself to cucumber or even go mad and have some Coke.  This can be slightly embarrassing if unexpected visitors turn up as on Friday, but heigh ho if I can laugh then so can they!  I am going to try and persevere as my hernia has just had another growth spurt and is now the size of a football so I am going to try some very mild exercise aswell.  Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'll let you know if I am successful in losing any weight.
Hi Lizz,

All sugars whether from fruit, honey, milk, carbs etc etc all end up as basic glucose for metabolism in the body, its just that some are metabolised a little more slowly than others. Agave nectar and fructose are just sugar too.

A Dietician would surely offer some great advice, but in part it will be ,' try and find some foods from this list that suit you'..

Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Hi supernan, just thought i'd try a catch up, hows it going are you having more success with your diet etc. I just had a thought christmas is soon to be here, so just remember the most important word "moderation ". Do enjoy the festive season and indulge the grand kids more than yourself, anyway people of our age have done it all before,so have fun and Merry Christmas
Hi, thanks for all the comments.  My last couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster as I now keep getting diarrhea.  I thought it was a bug, then because I had been introducing more fruit (bananas) and then I had another bout when I had only had a sandwich for lunch and one for tea.  So I seem to be back to be thinking it is if I don't eat enough!!  The trouble is that my peristomal skin then got very sore from changing so often (I don't have any drainable bags), and so ended up at the nurse who gave me Cavilon which is working a treat.  The only problem with it is that leaving the stoma exposed for 30 seconds for it to dry leaves enough time for explosions!!  I decorated the bathroom yesterday.  Mind you, I have lost some weight anyway and as I can't drink alcohol (medication) and I daren't eat chocolate, I can't stuff myself for Christmas even if I wanted to.  But I hope that everyone out there has a very Happy Christmas.
Nice to hear from you again, I probably experience the same symptoms, sometimes my output can be quite firm. which can then cause the pancaking effect. and then within hours the output is very watery. I still feel it all depends on what you eat, and as you say chocolate causes loose stools, so if I fancy some I only have a little bit.
I have found that after an episode where the out put is very runny after that stops the output can stop completely for nearly 24 hours. Also because we no longer have a complete bowel i don't think there is the necessity to eat the recommended 5 a day, I find myself the less fiber the better and I try to eat a lot more protein (not beans).
If you think you'd prefer the drainable  bags you should get them from your supplier( i use Fittleworths, and they are very good). I only use closed bags as I can't stand emptying the bag. In the early days I also had an explosion caused by some mushrooms I think, so I know how you must have felt. ( by the way I can eat mushrooms okay now). Anyway catch up with you again soon
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