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Anyone Else? Men out there?

Ok so this is a little difficult to write about but what the heck. So a little background. I had diverticulitis, past tense because the 2 surgeries I had, removed the effected sections. But prior to that I had a vasectomy in 10/2010, and the sigmoidectomy 08/2/2011, and emergency operation on 08/07/2011, and after that i had the temp colostomy. Well since then, despite my self confidence, my wife and I have been intimate around 10-11 times since, and my surgeon says that it will get better. But everytime I do I get a feeling like someone has got me by the berries and is yanking them down. I get a burning sensation behind my bellybutton on down to the groin area. I was told by the surgeon that it is just because of the surgeries, and will pass over time. Granted I still give it a go, but for at least 3-5 days afterwards I get that terrible pain streaking down the umbilical line of my stomach. Anyone else had these types of pains as well???
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Hey StomaStan!

Keep up the confidence! If it doesn't matter to you, it will not matter to her!

Any time you invasively enter the human body you generate scar tissue. I would guess that what your feeling, during intimacy, is a result of the scarring from your abdominal incision(s) and the cord structure scarring from your vasectomy. Any one of these or a combination of them all can be causing the sensation you have described.

In answer to your question, after my second conduit procedure, I did experience similar sensations from my midline abdominal incision for awhile post-op, but this pain did go away with time.
More recently, after a right side Inguinal hernia repair, I suffered a rather sharp, almost unbearable, stabbing groin pain that radiated from my umbilicus downward and across to the inguinal region right down to my right "man berry" which I thought would explode at any second! This pain was doubled during intimacy (ejaculation) and lasted for several days. Good news is that the pain is gone and all was well again in a short period of time!

So hang in there and "exercise" the area as often as possible (as tolerated).
Practice, practice, practice.........wink ; )
Your Doctor is right, the pain will go away with time..................and use.
Well that is certainly good to hear. I had both of my previous surgeries with a scope, but in either case you are right anytime the "guts" are messed with like that, and on top of the perionitis that i had that led to the second surgery, and removal of another 2 inches of large intestine. The thing is, she knows the pain that it causes me after, and I am more than wiling to take one for the team, but I too have an inguinal hernia on the left side, that decides to bulge and become painful every so often, so knowing that it causes me pain and mild/severe pain afterwards she gets pretty wary of wanting to make whoopy. even with all my reassurances that the pain is well worth it and that it is a small price to pay, though sometime I am not so sure LOL. I appreciate you letting me know, it has and will help a great deal! Thank you very much. And I am very OK with as much pratice as I can take!
You've had a lot of surgeries in a close area and in a relatively short period of time. If the waiting game becomes unbearable, talk with another doctor to explore further options.
I am considering that, I have been thinking about seeing my Urologist who did the vasectomy, as my colorectal surgeon said that the inguinal hernia could be related to the vasectomy, and the following two surgeries may have made it worse. So we'll see, either way I dont mind my hernia being there a bit longer as long as my reversal goes as planned
Have you considered taking pain relief before and afterwards? i am perhaps being over simplistic and its possibly something your already doing
I have tried that, and it workds well, but the day after, if I don't consistantly take anything it really starts to hurt, and if I just take like tylenol, or a real mild pain reliever, it isn't effective, but if I take something stronger like a vicodin or something, it ..makes our session last even longer and then the next day I end up with even more pain..where even if I "do the work" or not it's even more painful, unless I keep up on the meds. And My primary care doctor, thinks my hernia shouldn't be painful which it is, but arguing with him does no good. And my surgeon just doesnt want me to take narcotics if at all possible, so that way pain management after my reversal is easier. But she just doesnt want to deal with the hernia, because she feels it is my Primary care doctor should be taking care of it, and then he refers me back to the surgeon, endless cycle, with no help@ And I can't get the hernia taken care of so close to the reversal.
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