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OK, so I don't know if any of you know my past, but long story short blah blah blah LOL

I had diverticulitis and went in to have it removed. Well, four surgeries later, two of which were emergency ones, this last one on 12/31/2011...yup ringing in the new year under the knife, at least I got to spend it with someone (albeit my surgeon) who I don't get along with. Well, she has told me that she won't try and reverse it again, and she has been referred to me as the best in AZ for colorectal surgery. She said that my intestines are too thin from diverticulitis to heal properly. Has anyone here been told anything similar and had a successful reversal? Or?? I am looking for options, as I have been told to get a second opinion, but when they say she is the best, is there really a second opinion?? And I know I really don't EVER want to go under the knife ever again after these last 2 almost did me in! And the fact that my surgeon's favorite saying to me was "Well, you're young and resilient, not like my other patients, so you shouldn't be in pain." It's very aggravating that I get stereotyped being "young" and I shouldn't be in pain. So 2 weeks out of the hospital and BAM, telling me to take Tylenol? Are you kidding me? Made me want to ask her, "Hey, have you ever had this surgery before, let alone 4 in less than 5 months?" Knowing that she hasn't. And she still blows me off. Tells me that my hernias are what's causing the pain, as it is making the rest of my abdomen stretch because of the compromised muscle from the hernias. But refuses to do anything about it, other than tell me to get menthol spray?? Well, it smells minty and that is about it, ok and really cold feeling, but doesn't help with pain.
Thankfully, it isn't a lot now. But I have 5 kids and can't just sit around and do nothing all the time. GRRRRRR So I guess it's more pain to get rid of the pain?? But from what I hear, the hernia repair is pretty easy, and recovery sounds pretty fast. So we'll see, after having 16 weeks off in the last 7 months. I hope work will let me out for it, I do have vacation time I can take. Who knows....Sorry for venting, guys...kind of went off on a tangent!!!

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I have had 3 hernia repairs in 1 and half years had it moved to the other side,the operation ok you are sore but it comes right.I have another one but i arent doing anything about it at the moment but it does swell and sticks out,i hide it with baggy shirts

well, you're younger than me, but i won't get into that right now.

A second opinion is valuable as is multiple estimates from contractors for work done on one's house.

when i was diagnosed with rectal cancer, i sought out a second opinion, not so much because i didn't like what i was hearing, but because it was cancer i wanted to make sure I was taking the right path. Because I heard the same plan the second time around, I knew i could stay local with my surgeon and the specialists he referred me to (he's awesome, i'm sorry you are butting heads with yours). Had I heard a different plan, i would have sought out a third opinion.

As to pain management, perhaps your primary care physician can hook you up?
WO I HEAR YOU MATEY . THATS TOATAl bullshit about the pain i dont care how old someone is we all get the after syrgery pain  age my 9 ops have all never ever been pain free .......i just had 2 hernia repairs i dont think 1 bit that its just a no big deal operation im into my 3 weeks and yes im in pain plus im still trying to work out if the old stoma site the repair of a much smaller hernia looks to me like it wasnt succesful and as im a public patient here in aust. my appointment is 4 weeks after operation i was cut doen my rotten adhesions seems like i am feeling that same ole adhesion pain AGAIN and the much larger hernia has a cut but hear this just under the edge of the backing part of my pouch and its poping open im trying to not blow my top i also have a top surgeon too but we are quite familiar as he has done my surgerys since i was 27 till now 44 9 ops all up so we do have a good relationship but i think too familiar now days he has no probs cutting me as nobody will touch me cause of ADHESIONS are harder to cut through to get to the main job hernia repairs im getting stronger but im still very sore on each side of me the hernias i had to get fixed and pray at least the larger one looks like there is a difference and it was so big from midline scar to my hip the other one was done from the midline incision and its very sore like a stich pardon the pun hahahahahah blahhhh i have first appointment back on monday 26th so thats nearly 4 weeks feb 27th till now im sorry but you get cut open you get pain if you dont please give me the instructions on how TO GET TO THIS PAINFREE B/s  I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM GOING BACK UNDER THE KNIFE ID MY SMALLER HERNIA DIDNT WORK BUT he sai that would be the easy one to fix he popped the lil bit of bowel in through the incision drom my old site and mesh rapair i see barely any thing so diff i hope it will with swelling and the lot and go right down but im sooooo worried bout my adhesions not being worked on i have a high tolerance now since 2008 of all pain relief i have had a 3 year battle and over come the addiction even tho0ugh i went to pain clinics the whole lot but the adhesions apparently are like concrete chewing gum so yes i think DEFINATLY GO ELSE WHERE IF I COULD OF I WOULD OF WHETHER MY TOP SURGEON IS GREAT OR NOT I WOULD OF WENT ANYWHERE THERE ARE MANY TOP SURGEON MORE ADHESION (SCAR TISSUE ) THE LESS DOCTORS WILL EVEN THINK OF TOUCHING YOU .MY HERNIAS WERE SOOOOOO PAINFUL I WOULD BECOME SICK WITH THE DRAGGING AND LOOPS OF BOWEL THAT HAD FELL THROUGH .............PLEASE GET ANOTHER SURGEON AND GET RID OF THIS TOP SURGEOUN IM SURE SHE IS NOT THE ONLY GOOD SURGEON IN YOUR COUNTRY PLEASE GET THOSE DONE THEY GET BIGGER AND BIGGER AND 5 MONTHS TO MAJOR OPERATIONS I THINK I WOULD RUN TO SOMEBODY ELSE ,I HAVE MET A LOT OF SURGEONS AND THEY HAVE GOOD AND BAD POINTS DONT THINK YOU CANT SEE SOMEONE ELSE AND PUSH HARD DARLS SEE SOMEONE ELSE YES YOUNGER WOOPEEE PAIN IS PAIN I HAD THE WORST PAIN AT 27 AFTER MY OP NO ONE SAID WELL YOUR YOUNG BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ..AS U MITE SEE IM PRETY PISSED OFF RIGHJT NOW AND IM NOT YOUNG ANYMORE PAIN IS PAIN FOR SHIT SAKE LOL JUST HAD TO MAKE MYSELF LOL OUCH OH BTW I HAD A NICE BIG FALL OVER OUR BEACH ONLY 3 DAYS OUTA HOSPITAL AND THEY DIDNT EVEN SAY LETS GET A SCAN SEE IF YOU TORE ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS

Thank you guys for all of your insight and advise. I have an appointment with a surgeon, not affiliated with my colorectal see about getting my hernia's taken care of. And with a gastro as well, in hopes to either figure out why I get these pains, and get it taken care of or to at least get some kind of relief.   AND CHECK THIS OUT ... SO after my last emergency surgery, I was in Intensive care for 2 weeks I didnt know until now, that it was the cardiac ICU, and afterwards, even now I am having to take this heart medication, as they said that after my fourth surgery that my Blood pressure was too high and so were all of my other stats. I asked my surgeon if anything happened while I was under and she said no, everyting went fine. Well why am I on heart meds now, with a history of LOW BP and heart stats, why now do I have the extreme opposite??  SHe couldn't and wouldn't say anything other than it must have been stress. My wife told me they had a REALLY hard time getting me out of it. But who knows.

Thank you everyone..It has given me some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. I don't feel like I am crazy. Ok well I am a little crazy anyways...but not as crazy as my surgeon had me feeling.  And just pray for me that the next surgeon I meet is at least nice and listens to me!!!
I do not offer any of my suppositions to alarm you, but as potential testing options to pose to your new doctor.

After my 2nd surgery back in 2010, I had heart problems and was put on drugs, monitored, blood transfusions, etc. I had peritonitis and was in ICU as well. Turned out that my electrolyte imbalances (due to not eating or drinking anything and not having TPN for 5 days prior to 2nd surgery) was wreaking havoc in many areas of my body: kidneys, liver, and heart. One of the infectious disease docs explained to my husband that my heart just couldn't handle the trauma of all that my body was going through in such a short amount of time and it was experiencing its own side effects. I am like you... LOW BP (100/60 is my norm) and GREAT heart stats ALWAYS... except during that period when I was recovering from 2 surgeries and massive infections.

My oncologist & the infectious disease docs ran full panels daily and treated me accordingly for 3 weeks AFTER I WAS RELEASED from the hospital. Sure, it was a pain to have labs done every day, but thank god for home health nurses, right?!

You are doing a wonderful service to your health by getting away from your current surgeon. I hope your new doc starts with managing your pain and with basic lab tests at the very least. PLease keep us updated!
Well your problem sounds like a part of mine.  I also had diviticulosis for many many years and then colon cancer and had an emergency operation.  I was told I had a very thin intestine and not to think of a reversal.  The bad part for me was I didn't have a good surgeon, and they placed the colostomy so low and I have pain most of the time.  The good part is my PC dr tells me to just take the pain meds when i need them and don't worry about addiction since the meds are being used for pain  Also I am a lot older than you so I guess they think what the hell let her be an addict.. lol   I am now waiting to see if i am walking around with active cancer or not as they cant tell as the mass lights up on the pet scan but showed no maligant area with a biopsy   I will be going for another biopsy in about 6 weeks, but living like this is no fun  Hope this helps     Hometown
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