Odor Issue with Jigsaw Complete Supplements

Hello all,

I've had a permanent ileostomy for almost 3 years after FAP and rectal cancer. I use M9 in my bag, and it works pretty well for when I am emptying things at or away from home. I have never had a single issue with smell (except for a very rare leak or blowout) coming from outside of the bag, only what was being held inside the bag. A barrier and bag lasts me a full week.

Now, since taking Jigsaw Complete (I found a recommendation here for it), my bag and barrier smell. It even smells up the part of my shirt that covers the system. Kind of like a fish smell, but not quite that bad. I do know it's not pleasant and frustrating, especially when I even lather up the bag and barrier in the shower (which I never had to do before). If I put a brand new barrier and bag on, the smell comes back within 1.5 days. I can't afford to keep replacing them or find a new system. I like my current system, very durable, and I have no problems riding dirt bikes, quads, yard work, etc. I pay for these out of pocket; they were cheaper online than through insurance (WAY CHEAPER). I lost health insurance in May 2012, and by the time I could afford it, the "high-risk pool" is no longer accepting new applicants. )(* @#$)(! @#. So all I can do is wait for Obamacare. Sorry, I am disgusted with insurance and healthcare in the US.

Back to the smell, I've tried Bodymint (on day 3), and I notice nothing but dark green output (expected). I don't have any minty smell anywhere, and it's been so humid here that I've been sweating a lot working on my yard.

I've also been taking devcom chewable tablets (on day 3), and still no help.

I guess overall the smell isn't so bad with the devcom, but it's still there, and I know people can smell it when I walk past them.

Has anyone else had any issues with smells that permeate THROUGH (not a leak) the barrier and/or bag? I have different boxes of my barriers and bags from different lots, and am quite sure it's not a quality control issue.

I really think these supplements are helping my 2+ year crippling depression and would hate to change things as they are getting better.

I am also eating smoothies every morning when I get up. I am using all organic veggies: carrots, cucumber, baby spinach, bell peppers, baby or leaf kale, frozen fruit (not organic), and key lime juice to make it taste almost delicious.

I started the smoothies at the same time as the Jigsaw supplements. I don't think it could be the smoothies, but I don't have as much experience with this stuff. I was pretty lucky and happy to have found the system that works for me and have very few accidents (best one was on a dentist chair, poor girl).


I will be calling Hollister and Jigsaw next, but thought I would try here first.

I don't have experience with Jigsaw, but I see it has omega-3 fish oil. Your situation reminds me of mine when I eat salmon: that is, when I have salmon, I smell like salmon... It is a strong, unpleasant odor that seems to permeate the bag and last for days. This does not happen with any other thing I eat (as far as permeating the bag) - just salmon. So as much as I love salmon, I avoid it - especially when I am with people.

I think you did the right thing by posting here with your plans to call the vendors. I wish you luck. I would also experiment a bit with abstaining (just temporarily) from the smoothies first, then the Jigsaw (just to understand which it is - not with the intention of quitting). I will be staying tuned to see how this works out. I hope you find a solution that works.

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I don't have experience with jigsaw either, but if your bags have filters on them, that may be the source of the odor. With my ileostomy, I'm unable to use filtered bags even with the filter covers. Too much leakage and smell from there.


I echo Kurly's point. I have found those filters to be totally useless. They even leak when they're not supposed to. I have ruined a lot of clothes with them.


What is Jigsaw Complete? Never heard of it?

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It is the jigsaw with the omega-3 fish oil that is causing the smell. And if M9 is not helping control the odor then I don't know what else will. I used to take fish oil pills for Crohn's disease but the smell was ruining my appliances and I would be so embarrassed. Not sure what else you can try but I can vouch that it is the jigsaw you are taking...

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I use M9 also but still find the odor to be a problem. I've never dealt with anything like this before and it certainly makes me feel a lot less feminine and always wondering if others can detect the smell. I find it really difficult when out to go to a restroom to empty or whatever because I stink up the entire restroom. I've only had the Hollister system since having the colostomy in October of 2012 and I seem to be using like 3 bags to every barrier. With Medicare, you can only get new bags within a time period that they deem normal and I've actually bought some out-of-pocket online to tide me over. I would be really interested to see what Hollister says. I've finally started to put packaging tape across the filter so the smell doesn't leak out.

Good luck and God bless.

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