Need help with post-shave itching and bag sticking near stoma


I'm getting really bad itching after I shave near the stoma. Any ideas what to use? And bag sticking after.


There is a powder you can buy made for that. Take it easy on how you shave... it's not used to it....

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There is a video, a couple on YouTube for Stoma Seal and the guy talks about how he shaves his stoma area then puts on the product.

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I use witch hazel on my skin under the wafer. It might sting a little (or a lot if your skin is really bad), but it moisturizes without a residue, and it sticks without any issue. I usually apply it after I shave. Do you use foam? Like on your face, I mean.


I've never had to shave around my stoma, but I do get itchy skin right below the entire wafer. It's caused by sweating and bending, contorting my body all over while working in my yard. I do this on a daily basis because it's my love. To combat this, I use baby powder on my skin where the wafer ends and my skin is exposed. Most times, too, I will place a couple of tissues where the flange is just to absorb any perspiration that might take place. I've had my ileostomy since 1971 at the age of 21. After all this time, you just learn these little tidbits of info through friends, other ostomates, and hit and miss 'tricks'. I'm sure there are products out there to ward off these obstacles, but I've tried many of these in the past and they tear up my skin. I won't subject my skin integrity to those products anymore. If you find something that does work for you, then by all means 'stick' (no pun intended) with it! Good luck.

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