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Ostomy belt advice

hi all, ive been reading through this sites many useful posts and im still unclear as to the use, pro's and con's of the ostomy belt.

ive been to many websites and there are dozens to choose from, Ive been nearly six weeks post op for my stoma and am starting to get out more and with a view to returning to work in a month or so.  the advice given is helpful but as an osto 'noob' im still unclear as to the benefits of using a belt.
my care nurse never mentioned anything to me about belts or mufflers, she wasnt very helpful with most things actually. ive learned more from this site than from any discussion with my doctor or stoma nurse.

i would like to ask any and all the ostomates what their choice of support belt is and why, i would love some added security that isnt too bulky or restrictive and you my friends are the best to ask.
ive been to web sites that sell them, but the reviews seem a little biased and some just sound made up altogether ('this changed my life'..... says the young man on the jet ski. 'i wouldn't be without it'....... the young attractive woman on a rock climbing wall)  

i would also love any links to trusted websites that sell belts.....(as cheap as possible would be fantastic Smile )

hope your all well and thanks in advance.
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Hello kevs1981.  I use a belt as both a hernia support and prevention. I have tried all sorts and none of them are entirely satisfactory. The main hernia that causes a problem is just behind my stoma and the normal belts do not offer enough support with this. I have made my own out of a small piece of skirting board shaped to my own requirements and held on with elastic belts butchered from other equipment. The hernia-prevention belt best suited to my purpose was one that does up with velcro and is manufactured by CUI.  They were also  very helpful in making me one up to my own specification.  The problem I found with most belts is that they are not adjustable enough to cater for the change in stomach size over time. (this can change for me in the course of a day!) so although they may fit snuggly at first, if I lost weight they were too loose and if I gained weight they were too tight.  The CUI belts allow me to instantly adjust the belt to what is needed at the time.
I hope this is helpful.  Best wishes Bill
I just wear a hollister belt that simply clips on to the flange of my two piece Convatec Sensura bag
It is a simple elasticated adjustable belt about 30mm wide.
It just adds security for if the bag gets a bit full & feels like it may pull away
It doesn't add any "protection"
Hi Kev
as Monsier le president I wear the same belt, I find it helps to support the bag if it fills and unable to empty, I also find that it stops the pooh from seeping in under the flange when it 'mushrooms' .......the belt is very comfortable and gives me a better feel of safety, that there wont be any "shitty" incidents out in public. The belt will only be supplied 6 weeks after surgery,
I use a steath belt when I'm going to be active very comfortable , and supportive. Hold bag to the side so you don't pinch the bag.
At first I didnt think it was really needed  but as years went by I realized how important it really was, the weight of the pouch will eventually create a skin issue below the stoma  at least this was my take on it, now i even wear it to bed for that insurance !!  good luck

I still use it quite often, but mostly when going out for for sexy time.  I do not use it for hernia prevention, and I'm not even sure it's designed to be used as such.

One note though: while they do have a vertical stealth belt, the traditional style is horizontal and many pouching systems don't allow the pouch to be rotated easily.  I use Coloplast sensura click and it works well.

For basic support, a maternity wrap is cheap and easy to use.

It is essential to get some colostomy support.  There is 50% chance of getting a sub-stomal hernia and the odds are far greater if no support is worn. I did not wear one and now I have to put up with a hernia. Most companies will let you try and buy or you could just try a sports support belt.  Don't make the belt too tight, it must be comfortable - adjust it so the stoma still works properly.

If I could afford a stoma 'armor belt' - look up -  I would certainly buy one if I could afford it.  There are pages showing how they are constructed.  I'm planning to make one from a piece of poly carbonate - called acrylic in the uk.

Finally go back to your Stoma Nurse and ask for some advice - it's important.

All the best,

     I was told by my ostomy nurse post op to wear a Convatec ostomy belt all the time.  This is the kind that clips to the pouch.  I have a skin "dip" very close to the opening and the belt pulls it flatter to try and protect the skin there.  I also have a cover wrap for intimacy...5 years in and I have never gotten a hernia of any sort.  Three bowel obstructions but no belt helps with that.
I used Nu-Hope colostomy and ileostomy belts for 8 years. They come in different sizes and widths.  I do agree that wearing one in the beginning is essential to preventing a peristomal hernia. I had the hernia and 7 years later I had an obstruction which led to an ileostomy and colostomy closure. I'm happy to say, I am bag free now after my recent reversal. Good luck!
I use a two piece pouching system with a belt when I have problems caused by leaks and my skin is raw or weeping. There are two types of systems using belts. One is like the Hollister system where the belt attaches to the pouch wherein the belt must be removed if you change just the pouch and not the flange against your skin.
The other system, (my preference) is the type where the belt attaches to flange that is against your skin. This is the Convatec Sensura System. In any case I also use an additional seal such as a Hollister Adapt no. 7805 for added confidence.
When I'm all healed up, I use the Cymed MicroSkin single pouch system which is very comfortable and provides me 5-6 days of wear time.
Because of leaks I  have tried various manufacturers and also need a belt Have found it's best to use the belt of the manufacturer you are using otherwise it's impossible to hook up.  Good luck.
I use a Hollister belt with Sensura bags because I can't find any Convatec.

Any ideas ?
During the day I wear a Nu-Hope 4" ostomy belt. It provides support for the skin around my stoma. Hopefully will also help prevent a hernia. At night I wear a little 1" elastic belt for support when I sleep, it's more comfortable than the 4" belt for sleeping.
thanks for the response everyone, its been so helpful in choosing a product. ive found several websites that sell them, but some are way out of my price range at the moment.

i did find a U.K. company that sells the products suggested pretty cheap and for those of us living in England we can actually get them on prescription.

Ive ordered some free samples of products and a brochure from them so will post how this goes.

now all i have to do is ask my doctor to write me up a prescription for the ostomy belt, hopefully i should have it in time for my return to work.

thanks again guys
and on closer inspection of the home page of Ostomart..........Ive found that their company head quarters is 5 mins from my house.......
Cool Smile

I will have to ask my ostomy nurses about this hernia possibility. No one said anything to me about that. I had a colostomy.



With a hole in your stomach, and the weight of the bag pulling at that area, an ostomy belt is a very good idea.


Thank you


I am almost new to this  A year or so gone by,  sinse surgery,  I have already had a hernia repair when my Gallbladder was removed a year after my  bowel surgery   I have never been told anything about Hernias or belts,  They were never mentioned  I now have developed a ambilical hernia.   So I will be checking into a belt  and thanks for all the information.

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