Managing Peristomal Hernias: Seeking Advice


I have had an ostomy for over 50 plus years and have slowly been developing a peristomal hernia. Has anyone else developed this issue? How and when have they dealt with the hernia?


Quite a large percentage of ostomates develop hernias. The failure rate for repaired hernias amongst ostomates is also quite high. Most repairs require relocation of the stoma and a second incision down the original one. In layman's terms, you now have 3 potential "hernia prone" areas where there was once 2. I recently had to have mine repaired because it was interfering with my irrigation. My surgeon suggested I refrain from lifting anything over 50lbs for the rest of my life. This involved a large lifestyle change for me. .... So far, I have managed to avoid heavy lifting. If the hernia is not causing any trouble, I suggest you live with it as long as possible. Lacking that, remember that your abdomen will be even weaker after the repair. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Didn't realize I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavy afterwards, now I have half a grapefruit with a carrot on top. Luckily it hasn't bothered me so far. And to offset the problem I made a special hernia belt (see My Pictures) which is a bit awkward but seems to help at least hopefully prevent it from getting worse. And how do you know if something is less than 50 lbs, you have to lift it onto the scale.

Checked something the other day figured maybe 60 lbs turned out 110 lbs then I had to take it off the scale. Guess I won't be carrying anyone over the threshold. Not that I had planned to do so, or if she is less than 50 lbs.



I too had not been warned about hernias and not lifting stuff - hence I ended up with a hernia.

I too have made myself a hernia belt the fits exactly round the stoma and has two adjustable belts for top and bottom. This is because I found that it needed more pressre on the lower part than on the top. It works quite well for me. However, It did convince me that these things are very personal and need to be made to measure for each individual andalso need to be continually adjustable. 

Best wishes 



I developed a parastomal hernia when I had my colostomy. This lasted for about seven years. One night, Christmas Eve 2012, I developed an obstruction in the hernia. I had emergency surgery on Christmas day. They reversed my colostomy and gave me a temporary ileostomy. When my ileostomy was finally reversed in March this year, I also developed a really big hernia in my ileostomy. The surgeon corrected that hernia and reversed the ileostomy successfully as well.

My point is that I thought I was okay with the hernia and the colostomy, but it unexpectedly turned into a huge problem. Please keep this in mind and be very aware of your condition.

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My permanent colostomy was formed in 2003 after a colorectal cancer, stage 3, was removed. I too now have quite a large peristomal hernia, right on the belt line, as if I needed to increase my trouser size! I cannot wear a belt anymore and have to wear loose fitting trousers and shorts. This means another issue. Braces that work. I found a letter in the Ostomy magazine which directed me to a company that is actually a woodworking machine company called Carba-Tec. They have workman's clothing and have a range of very heavy-duty braces. These have very strong clips that do not let go. They have wide elastic material and are very substantial. They are NOT pretty!!! but very functional for men like us. I cannot see ladies using them.

Because I have had so much surgery I cannot have more as it is very doubtful that I can survive it. Therefore I am stuck with my hernia forever more however long that may be.



You are very lucky to have gone this long without a problem. When you think about it, we basically have a hole in our stomach musculature, so it makes sense that hernias would be a typical problem. Mine came on pretty much right away, and my medical people suggested not doing anything about it unless it becomes really bothersome, because often the cure is worse than the affliction - the cure doesn't always work out well. Your commitment to no more surgery seems like a good way to go.

Personally, I lift weights, do sit-ups, and lift heavy things when gardening, and it has not gotten worse. I guess you never know, though, when one bad move might make it worse.

The one thing my surgeon said would almost definitely make it worse would be a noticeable weight gain. It's a good extra incentive not to overeat.

There are a number of belt/back brace products made with an opening for the stoma.


I would be interested in seeing the pictures of your hernia belt.


Hi Avery,

 You can find them on my profile, view photos. Since admin changed the software I am unable to insert here.



Hi Ed,

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Hi PFK. The other responses should indicate that ostomates are prime candidates to develop hernias. FYI - Lifting isn't the only concern as sneezing can set one off!

In another thread, I described my hernia experiences but I'll touch on a few for you. It began in early 2007 in a discussion with my surgeon to clear up my peristomal skin, we talked about moving my stoma to the right side but we decided against this approach. He lopped off a few inches of remaining colon and fashioned a new stoma. Unfortunately, the hernia returned so he referred me to someone who works arthroscopically. With a huge amount of upfront discussion with Dr. John Hagen, we decided to proceed. As expected, it required 3 visits (but they're only ONE night).

If you research the topic, the most famous hernia clinic in the world (the Shouldice Hospital) does not treat parastomal hernias. These are complicated for a number of reasons not the least of which being, those of us with a stoma already have meaningful scar tissue from our original surgeries. It's not an optimal situation for a surgeon to work with scar tissue.

I understand that my hernia will probably return but this approach (utilizing mesh) created virtually no incremental scar tissue and seems effective.


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Had parastomal hernia surgery last year using sling method. After research, found that it had a failure rate of less than 20% within 5 years compared to a 50% rate of moving stoma.

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