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Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:32 am
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I need some advice. I have worked for 43 years at the same place.  I am a supervisor and believe most employees respect and like me. I don't lie to employees or fead them a line of BS never have never will.  I have a cosupervisor who works the second shift following me. I have been a nurse for those 43 years she about 5, she is constantly reporting me to the DON for decisions I have made that she has embelished into a bad light.Usually I ignore it but the last one really pissed me off.  I never report people I handle things on my own.  I don't play dirty so don't want to go that route. i might add that i dont know one employee who respects or likes this person, when we are busy the rest of us jump in and help the nurses she says thats not her job, they also tell me they can never find her and don't know where she goes.  And by the way I never sought thi information all shifts tell allthe rest of the supervisors this.  At may age you would think I would know how to handle this, but i am stumpped, I have had it out with her one on one but she walked away when I confronted her on her behavior.any thoughts?

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Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:52 am

Hi eddie, very frustrating situation.  In this case I think you need to go to your supervisor. It sounds like she's upsetting the whole staff, which isn't good for the care of the patients. She's being childish not talking with you. She can't walk away from your supervisor. If it was me, I'd want a meeting with her and your supervisor. I'm sure you have had to help your subordinates with problems. Your supervisor is there to help you with yours. It isn't a bad reflection on your character. Some times you just have to ask a higher up to help you out. 

Hopefully you'll get some advice that will click with you.  But that is my thought. 

Good luck! 



Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:23 am

unfortuneatly the DON doesn't like conflict,and brushes everything under the rug, she tells employees

 what they want to hear but never follows through.  Another factor is for a long time I had more education than the DON and the doctors let it be known more than once that they felt I should have been given the position which doesnt make me one of her favorite employees.Please don't think I am bragging on myself we are just a tiny little rural hospital, I just have through the years picked up so much experience.  I like the job I do because I still can do direct patient care which I prefer to just doing administration work.  When young nurses complement me on my knowledge and skills I always tell them its not that I am so good it is because after 40 plus years you would have to be an idiot not to pick up a few tricks! LOL Thank You

Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:19 am

Hi Eddie... sorry to hear of your workplace dilemna!! I can relate to what you described as I have also had to deal with managers, supervisors and subordinates on similar and identical issues. Let's face it many times we are "all" not on the same page as I used to say. Z hit the nail right on the head, request an informal sit-down with your boss and this person, indicate that you think the air needs to be cleared in regard to roles and responsibilities. Also that everyone is on the "same page". My favorite saying again LOL.  Speak calmly and courteous, never confrontational with your boss, peers, and subordinates. Be professional and do not take anything personal, easier said then done I guess even though you'd like to slap this person into next week LOL!!! 

If you can pull it off this way I'm sure you WILL be noticed and WILL get good results. Let us know how it goes okay. I really hope this helps!!   Regards... Kevin

Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:27 pm

Thanks Keven,right now I am fighting so hard not to lower myself to her level.99 % of the employees despise her, but if I may be blunt she is a damn good A** kisser. All  I would need to do is pass the word that I need help from my fellow nurses to call in to our complaint  dept. how they feel about her and her work ethic and she would be toast! If I tell them it will happen! I just don'tfeel that would be professional. My dear mother always told me what goes around comes around, which is true I think. I just want it to happen now. Now my dear old dad would tell me to give her an old fashion A** whoopen! LOL. i JUST TURNED 63 SO THATS KINDA OUT, BUT i STILL THINK i COULD TAKE HER!! , but I feel better just venting and I know the great people I work with respect me not her.That means alot!  I thank you for listening to an old nurse and ostomate, in three more years I can retire with full benefits.  So will carry on.  You have a great day! 


Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:46 pm

Sorry I misspelled you name Kevin forgive me,  another thing is the nurses union is already after her for some of the underhanded things she has done to certain members.If she doesn't like an employee she treats them badly,so right now I think I will just sit back and see what happens. Until then I plan on just remaining totally professional when dealing with her, but no chit chat, and always having documentation and rationale for all my judgement calls.A littletime consuming but necessary I believe.  I have always put patient care first and always will.  Everyone is growing tired of her BS so I know she will go down, just have to wait.


Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:29 pm

Well eddie, you just rant and rave all you want here. I know how that helps.  I'd back you up in a fight! :)  It sounds like you really have things under control with what you said in your last posts.

Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:49 pm

Thanks Z


Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:12 am

I have been where you are.  Document the incidents where she undermines you with date and location.  In my case I tried to file a grievance with my professional organization but my tormentor was actually a subordinate who was not a member so they could do nothing.  Eventually, I actually took stress leave and went to see a psychologist.  He told me the guy was likely psychotic and would progressively go after bigger game and then get fired.  He was correct.  One day the boss took his keys away and walked him to his car never to return.  It, however, took 8 years to happen.  He has been fired from every job he has had since then.  I lived to get a buyout and retire a few years later.  Time wounds a heals even if you have to wait 8 years.  My immediate superior openly said in front of me the day after he was escorted off the property that "he was incompetent from the day he was hired".  I was furious at this admission that they knew fully well that he was causing chaos.  Your boss no doubt has her number too.  However, in my case the guy was a patronage appointment with a church friend on the board.  I survived but I am still mad as hell 15 years later.

Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:36 pm

Hi, I recently retired but had a three year problem with a supervisor in one of the areas I worked in.  I was a Mental Health Case Manager and in the area I was in, I and three other persons started the program in our organization.  When this woman took over as top supervisor, she had a person she had picked out to be her pet person.  This woman was about the age of her daughter so the top supervisor sort of looked as her as a "serogate daughter".  She could do no wrong and this young woman was always "gone" when things had to be done and she was always taking the car to do her work which caused the medications that we delivered to clients daily, very late.  She would saunder in and tell the person who needed the car to "not say anything".  If any of us, there were more hires now as we increased our client load from 5 to 70, complained about this young woman to the top supervisor, she would make sure we never said or did anything to her again.  One day, at our daily meeting, the Psychiatrist for our section stated that no women were to deliver medications to a specific male client because he had violent outbursts with and toward women.  We were told that a male had to accompany or deliver to thiat client.  The top supervisor had been causing me a great deal of heartache and issues because I told her that I felt the young girl was making some serious errors and there would be serious consequences with them if she didn't get some needed training.  It was the worst thing to say and the supervisor had been taking out her rath on me for months.  She had even gone as far as doing a "third party sexual harrasment complaint" against me because I brought coffee to another employee one day.  She said it "offended her that I brought the employee coffee".  When that didn't work to get either of us in trouble with the Director, she did other things such as writing me up for different incidents that happened with clients when I wasn't even on the medication run that day.  She accused me of having a "sexual affair" with one of my clients and casuing a clients broken leg when it wasn't even my med run day.  The women who found the client with a broken leg was one of our section nurses.  She was delivering medications and didn't even offer emergency treatment to the woman except to put her on the couch.  She then left me a voice mail several hours later telling ME to check on her.  It turned out the ladys leg was broken and she could have died from a blood clot.  The problem was, I was at the doctor's office with my son who was ill.  He is disabled and cannot drive so I took him to the doctor to get checked out and to get medication.  this was an appointment that I had scheduled with the supervisor in the morning before they knew about the ladys leg.  Anyway, the supervisor called me into her office and made me sign paperwork that I was neglegent in my treatment of the client who had the broken leg when I wasn't even there.  Nothing happened to the nurse who found her.  I was to be on the weekend medication run and I asked the supervisor who would be accompaning me to the male clients home to give him his medication.  She looked at me and stated "nobody will be accompaning you".  I politely reminded her that the psychiatrist stated not to have women go to his house alone and she looked me right in the eyes and stated "I don't care".  The weekend came and I had delivered 4 people their medication and came to his home.  I knocked on the door and he came out and proceeded to beat me to a pulp.  I said to him in the calmest voice I could "please stop hitting me, you are hurting me" and he took a step back.  I ran to my car, got in and called 911, screaming hysterically.  Even though the fire department was across the street, it took them 10 minutes to get to me.  In the meantime, the client calmly walked out of his house and over to Hardies for breakfast.  After I called 911, I called my coworker for help and he and another male coworker came to secure the medications and finish the medication run.  I wouldn't let the ambulance take me to the ER untill the meds were secured.  I had a severe concussion, my neck was jammed down into my collar bone, I had 4th nerve injury to my right eye and now suffer from double vision and PTSD.  The supervisor proceeded to tell the Director that it was MY fault and that I should be fired.  He did not believe her.  I was out of work for a week and a half and had to go into therapy for the PTSD which I still suffer from.  My glasses cost me $700.00 each time I get them.  I filed a work comp claim and had to settle without my medical.  I continued to work there.  I wasn't going to let this person take everything from me.  When the supervisor haden't called me or even checked on me on day three, my coworked asked her why she haden't even called to see how I was.  She called me and said "when are you coming back?"  When I got back, I was called upstairs to a meeting with HR, the supervisor and the Assistant Director.  They stated that I had to pay back all the days I was off due to the injury.  I asked if I could work nights and weekends to pay back the time and the supervisor took one look at me and stated "I am not willing to allow this".  HR and the Assistand Director looked at each other and stated they would get back to us in a few hours.  When they called us back upstairs they stated that they were going to put me out on those days as Administrative Leave and I wouldn't have to pay any of the time back.  The supervisor stood up and threw her chair back, leaving the room in a huff.  When my performance report came due, she wrote me all 1's stateing that I did not know my job and should be let go.  The supervisor above her called me into his office and stated that I had two choices.  To leave quietly or take a $3,000 pay cut (we got a stipen for working this section) and move upstairs to regular case management.  I took the pay cut and moved upstairs.  My supervisor was livid that I did not quit.  However, I moved upstairs and continued to do my job just the same way as I always did and was never wrote up again.  15 years later, in April of 2017, I retired.  I guess what I am getting at through all of this is that when you know you are right and not at fault, never give up.  Keep going and never give in.  If you have to ignore the bully or fight them, karma will come around.  In my case, the supervisor ended up quitting and leaving the organization.  Write everything down if you have to so you have a record of her making mistakes, not showing up etc.  Make sure you keep it off site so it can't be "lost" but keep an accurate record.  In the long run, you will be the winner.  I wish you the best of luck and please let me know what happened in the long run.

Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:14 pm

Wow freedancer.  What a horrible experience.  Personally, I never had enough time in the day to do my own job let alone find time to undemine co-workers.  I have always noticed that the best employees are the ones most likely to be bullied.  The truly incompetent seem to be untouchable and are often promoted.  The culture needs to change!

Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:19 pm

You're right.  I have seen so many incompetent coworkers get placed into some of the better jobs.  It is frustrating when you work so hard and someone who lies on their paperwork and makes up visits with clients just to make their quota get praises left and right.  Thanks for your reply!

Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:12 pm

haven't been on site for long time, to update, she was found out after along time and was told to quite or be fired, love my new co-woker life is good now, and I dindn't retire having fun at work again!

Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:56 pm

I was a Supervisor for many years in a large Manufacturing plant. I was the same as you, told it like it is, good or bad, just facts. There were always people trying to make their way up the ladder and some think it is by taking out the competition but the smart ones make friends with the competition and learn all they can from them to become good enough for that next rung on the ladder! The ones that cause trouble, like yours will not last long in any workplace and only time will solve your dilemma. She will soon run out of steam because all will know her tactics she will not limit them to just you. As far as you DON, I had a boss that could not confront any behavioral issue with employees. I would tell her that she needed to confront them head on and not when they became an issue that HER boss would reflect on her performance. She was finally fired after working there of 25 years! I told her! Your quality of work speaks for itself! 

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