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Artificial Sweeteners and Crohn's

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I have found that I can tolerate Aspartame artificial sweetner,  but only very small amounts of Sucralose. Not only does lots of Sucralose make me nauseos, I have noticed it causes bleeding in my bowel. Just wondering if other Crohns folks have trouble with certain artifical sweeteners?

BTW Diet Pepsi is changing over to Sucralose from Aspartame this summer:


Looks like no more Diet Pepsi for me.


Try Stevia found at Trader Joes. Pure Stevia powder is the best. Just a little works on cereals and drinks. Fructose natural or otherwise I am told is not too good for us. ps at Trader Joes they have sample packets where you sample thier coffee and tea.

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Thanks :-)


I am very skeptical of all artificial sweetener.  I don't think we should add natural sugar to our food either.  I'm all about tasting the natural sweetness of food as sweet.  The other stuff drastically distorts our sense of taste. 

Here are some articles related to the concners with artificial sweetener:
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Artificial Sweeteners Produce the Counter-Intuitive Effect of Inducing Metabolic Derangements
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Cleveland Clinic Ohio Doesn’t recommend artificial sweeteners 10-2014

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Published: October 14, 2014

I have more but I figured I would post a few.  Ultimately we all have to decide what we want to put in our body and if someone want to eat artificial sweetener- to each their own!

Several years ago I switched to flavored seltzer water.  I grew up on diet pop but that stuff just doesn't taste good after you avoid if for a couple of months!


BetaScience, thanks for the info. I have found that Splenda/Sucralose is much worse for my gut than Aspartame, though I know Aspartame is not great either. I have had a struggle finding beverages that don't cause me issues in one way or another. I can't tolerate tea or coffee, and I'm diabetic, so sugary drinks are out. I can't stand to drink only water when I eat or take pills, so I have drank sodas with Aspartame as a "lesser evil". I think Pepsi's switrch to Sucralose is a bad idea. But water is probably the only safe thing to drink :-)


Good for you Shane :) A much healthier way to go.


Do you feel the same way about salt? Salt Is very bad for you especially for certain people with certain conditions.  Sorry, this is in response to Beta sciences post.


Careful there HarleyDoll..............salt isn't necessarily bad for everyone.  Blanket statements like that get folks in trouble.  Salt is a vital part of the hydration equation and for some folks (like me) and is essential.  As for artificial sweeteners Sucralose is a no-no for Crohn's.  Any compound ending in "ose" is a no-no.  These compounds are not well tolerated by the intestines and upset the glucose/sodium gradient in the bowels, causing the small bowel to dump fluid to dilute. And folks with Crohn's don't need any more liquid being added to their stool.  Folks with Crohn's should also stay away from Sugar Alchohol.....which just should be outright outlawed because of the crap it is.  When you step back and look at how we've screwed up our food supply and the created compounds to mimic natural ingredients.........all for the sake of making money.......you have to shake your head.  And then our "experts" say they don't know why we're experiencing such a huge increase in auto-immune diseases over the past two or three decades.  We do this to ourselves folks by letting our food suppliers feed us crap so they can make a buck.  Ok........I'm getting pissed off..........better shut up now.



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