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Music on the Forum page.

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Just saw an ad for music on the Forum page. Says: “EthnoCloud”. Looks like a very entertaining site with good world music. Not a bad idea... we need some music, time to tme.


Must of missed that ad, and your post. Hope now is as good a time to reply..... so did you go to the site? What was it like? Did you find world music......and I'm wondering what world music is......all types???

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Hi Mrs.A,

Here is the site address: 

http://ethnocloud.com I really like it.

Have fun  :-)


Thanks  smile Sun,

I bookmarked and have begun to listen a bit. I really like the Native American music so far. There are many different types of music to choose from so I will be exploring.

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