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Hernia and stoma relocation- ileostomy 35 years ago


I have had illeostomy for 35 years. Over the last ten years I have struggled with a large hernia at the stoma site and over the last 2 years multiple hospitalizations for obstructions. I had a hernia repair at the stoma site (fot a much smaller hernia) quite some time ago. The last time I was hospitalized the surgeons and gi folks said if the obstruction occurs again I should have surgery. They said it would be a major surgery and my stoma would need to be relocated. Would anyone who has gone through this please give me some insight on your experience? I am 62 years old and work. I have also developed myasthenia gravis which complicates anesthesia a bit. Please let me know the good and bad of your experience. Thank you!

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How do you know you have a hernia? My stoma looked like it was on a mound, like a heightened pitchers mound or something. Also for the first time ever the stoma looks flatter. This is all new to me I don't know how to find general topics on this web site, just trying to stay afloat.


Hi Newstom. If you suspect you do have a hernia, make sure to have your doctor check it out.

About a year after my illeostomy surgery I started developing my 1st hernia. It, like yours, looked like a pitchers mound but it also caused me pain. Eventually my small intestine pushed through the hernia hole and got kinked which blocked everything off. Tremendously painful!!! Had to have emergency surgery to pull everything back in and to fix the hernia. My surgeon told me if I develope another hernia, I would need to have the stoma relocated. Well, I am now on my 2nd hernia and it is MUCH larger than the 1st. I see the doctor next week.


Dear me by the sea,

I had to have my stoma moved from left to right. Lost about two weeks. I'm 67 and work 36 hours per week. I'm a guard for an energy company. On a typical day, I get in/out of a 2500 series pick up truck 120-160 times. It is most important, to follow the Doctor's instructions

about physical activities and exercise. I didn' follow the recuperation regimin as closely as I should have.

Although my stoma has not herneated as before, I do have a small dome on my right side now.

However, everything works well. The key may be to pay a little attention to your diet post surgery.

I eat everything...potatos, coliflower, asparagus, as well as the "dreaded" blueberries,rasberries ect.

Many ostomates have difficulties with some of these, I do not. Summary: I can say the move went well generally and made caring for the

stoma alot easier....if there is such a thing. If your health permits it, I would make the move.

Art Lewis



Thank you. That is very reassuring.


By the sea,

I have also found that by using a product called Hypafix Tape, I have pretty much eliminated leaks. After applying the mounting flange, but before attaching the pouch, place the tape in basicallly a box shaped frame over the flange adhesive parts. It gives you and extra layer of

hold on the flange itself. Tape takes up no space and doesn't change the pouch attatchment process...FWIW


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