CardinalHealth Adhesive Remover Wipes: Sting-Free and Alcohol Content?

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Anyone ever try CardinalHealth adhesive remover wipes? Are they sting-free? Box I just got says alcohol in them?



October Born

Hi Sooziq,

If one of the ingredients is alcohol, they are not sting-free. I learned this the hard way, and holy crap, it does sting. I always look for products that specifically say "no sting," which takes a little more searching but is well worth it. Hope this helps.


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Thanks. Has alcohol, so I should be careful of any broken skin -- the supply company just picked one and sent it. I did not have a choice in it, just Dr ordered it.

October Born

Hey Sooziq,

I ran into the same problem. Call the insurance company, see who is in network and call them. The woman I talked to made all the suggestions of the products I should order. Everything I received was not sting-free, which I need because of sensitive skin. Lesson learned. Order everything for myself online now. I wish they would train the customer service representatives to consider this issue in a new osteomate. Wishing you no stinging! :)



Not sting-free, lots of alcohol.

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Safe and Simple wipes are what I use. They are premoistened like baby wipes but designed without any oils to interfere with adhesion.

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