Traveling Tips: Stay Safe on the Road!


Good morning, ostomates! All those traveling, be very careful because the road, I'm sure, is going to be full and the crazies will be darting from lane to lane. So just be careful and keep your eye on the road. And have a safe trip wherever you're traveling to. Try not to speed because, as you know, I'm sure there will be many cops out there. Where I am, the weather will be 51 degrees, cloudy but somewhat sunny. Good luck! No texting. I would like for all to make it safely to your destination and back. - Angelica Marie


Hi Angelicamarie,

That is a very nice post and a good reminder for those who are out and about at any given time.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and words!

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Which country are you most interested in? At the first opportunity, where would you go?


Hello Whitney 1987. I've been to Egypt and Israel, would love to see Australia and yourself?

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Yes, I would. My childhood friend lives in a suburb of Sydney. He has already obtained Australian citizenship. He invites me to visit. But, unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to visit him... Did you like Israel?

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Very much so, like new your! Loved Egypt, went to pyramids, just like Bible. I didn't see the Red Sea or Jerusalem. It's beautiful at Christmas! You?