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tongue-out  Hi there all . I'm in California at the moment and thankfully The Herbal remedy was granted legal status here in the State in the last election. I haven't been near a place to take advantage of this yet ....out in the sticks lol !! Marin County. It is indeed lamentable that this natural medicine is still looked upon as an evil, addictive and destructive substance by law enforcement in so much of the country and the world. When I need some I will be able to get it in San Francisco without any risk and feel confident that it is not adulterated by some foreign substance which gives it more weight and more value for the unscrupulous . magoomoran is me and gm   is me too at home.

    I have a good friend with more painful ailments , Ankylosing Apondalitis just one among others. I wish there was some Ostomate in Austin Texas who knew where one might find the required Herbal Medicine to relieve the effects of these painful conditions. Bringing it in my pocket is not an option....Not into Texas !!! . 

Any other Liberal minded Ostomates in Austin ??? I will be going there in the next few months to help my friend deal with her ailments, a little Herbal Medicine would make two lives much easier and bring some relief from bad belly pain.   Read again to see my info.

Thank You Mr Magoo XO embarassed

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Let's hope that some day real soon our states would stop supporting the criminal work which produces and distributes marijuana and provides its lawless purveyors with enormous profits.  Rather, every granny in her back yard ought to be allowed to subsidize income by growing fine varietals of pot between their zucchini and tomatoes rows every summer. Their sales would underwrite the cost of their own insurance premiums and further cut the legs off big Pharma which trys to sell us pain-killing drugs at outrageous prices. Lots of great discussions on threads written years ago.


Hi there PB.  

                 I am happy to say that it seems many people on the site feel the same way. Common sense  sometimes comes slowly but it is really not that common, unfortunately !! In California the Humbolt County ( up in the Redwood forests ) growers lobbied against legalization for years !! Prosperity and maintaining that makes strange bedfellows. The illegal growers do not want Cigarette companies and big Pharma taking their business. The Sheriffs Departments didn't want to lose the enormous amounts of cash they confiscate in raids .

The Feds want to maintain their dominance in law enforcement so they raid the LEGAL State Licensed Pharmacies where the Herb is sold legally ( State Law ) to people who are very ill with cancer etc. They confiscate the money and the Herb and destroy the premises but arrest nobody !!!....just to prove a point , who has the power !! The Feds have their legitimate place and their proper functions in regad to renegade  States ( ie Civil Rights issues etc.. ) but this muscle flexing is really infuriating when it hurts innocent people who just want a legitimate medical remedy which is totally harmless. Nobody ever died or overdosed on it !!

The violent criminal underground which controls this product needs to be put out of business and big Pharma needs to stop inflicting their cruel pure greed on the victims of disease and illness. The Herb might / will rob them of some customers for their legal products.....Diazapam etc etc etc but big Pharma is one business that will never run out of customers for their many ground breaking medicines and remedies which make life worth living for countless people. They need to stay out of the Herb business and be happy with the millions who cannot live without their products.

As of Jan 1 anyone in California may grow up to six plants for their own use and use it as they see fit, using common sense of course in regard to juveniles. It will be subject to the same regulation as Alcohol and cigarettes. The State stands to make a fortune in taxes and hopefully these funds will be used productively by the state authorities ??? well some of it anyway !! we live in hope lol !!

I'm still looking for a like minded friend in Austin  ?? magoomoran I'm a Google fan .

Happy New Year to all the gang out there ..Love , Peace and above all good health to all , Magoo .


Hey Magoo, we probably feel the same.  If big Pharm got involved, a dime bag would cost about $150.  

I just don't understand how California will get all that tax revenue.  Of course if I had enough good weed I wouldn't give a crap who got what from where.



Hi Magoo,

My best friend of over 30 years found out in 2014 that she had stage 3 ovarian cancer at the age of 48. Major surgery soon followed which included complete hysterectomy, bowel resection and the cutting it out of the many places it had spread to in her abdoman. Just 4 weeks after surgery she had to start a very aggresive chemo regimine for 18 weeks. Still not recovered from surgery and having to start chemo so soon was brutal. None of the prescribed meds for pain, anxiety, depression and nausea simply didn't work but guess what did? You got it: dope. She also lives in Texas so you need to feel as if you're a criminal to get the one thing that makes it just a bit easier to deal with everything. Ridiculous. She actually found out about a group who sends cancer patients weed free of charge. Don't know details and if I did I wouldn't put it on here and possibly shut down a group that did so much good for my friend in need. Legalization is a no brainer as stated above. Goverment gets their tax money, regulate like alcohol such as no driving etc. People do not od when they're smoking weed and I'm no doctor but I bet the side effects of rx are far more harmful than smoking a joint. Wake up america! More people kill themselves with legal alcohol than anyone ever has with illegal pot. My friend is doing well so far, we take it 3 months at a time and they will not remove the port because the cancer was very aggresive so all we can do is pray daily for health and hope for good numbers every 3 months. She still smokes to this day because of the side effects that the chemo left her with that will never go away. Thanks for listening to my humble opionion.



Hi Darlene,

                    Your story says it all and applies to so many unfortunate people. I feel lucky that I Just had Ulcerative Colitis....still have UC in what's left of my butt. I always have trouble sleeping and often have painful butt cramps etc etc ...all minor compared to the challenges many people have to deal with !! 

   I was using Vicoden while I had a J-Pouch for a number of years until it failed and I got the Ileo back. The Vicoden controlled my toilet visits and constant pain in my butt until I realized how addictive it was. I stopped using it before I was too far down that road and started smoking a little weed but only at home and usually at night. It is truely a miracle natural medicine for so many people. 

   I was becoming rather optomistic about Federal legalization until this past election but .......

   I'm not in the city right now but will be back in San Francisco tomorrow and I intend to get some "Edibles"....brownies or candies etc to help me sleep. I actually prefer a toke on a beautiful multicolored glass pipe ( lovely little object of art ) which I have stashed away. Now that it is legal here the fear and tension of possessing or smoking is......up in smoke LOL !!! Couldn't resist that one.

   Darlene I hope your friend and all the other survivors out there will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Herb soon as possible. In the meantime F**k the stupid rules and regulations, it is medicine and if you can get it then go for it.

Love and Peace to all for the New Year , Magoo.


I think we are moving closer to a time when patients with serious medical conditions can get much esaier access to physicians who can directly supply patients with rhe right amount of pot to addresses their pain.  No more expensive middlemen.  Pot eases pain and does not turn patients into zombies. I look forward to the day when our seriously ill can get prompt and effective medical care without legions of bureaucrates interfering. After all, Cancer smacks all of us on both sides of this issue and we all want what works for our loved ones, when all is said and on.



I'm sorry to play the devil's advocate here but feel I must. I'm not opposed to marijuana and enjoyed it in my day. I even had a license here in California to grow for a friend who had survived breast cancer but never put it to use. Security would have been an issue from thieves. 

I feel pot is a natural God given "from the earth" gift to us but with advances in horticulture it is so much more potent than it used to be when we laughed until our cheeks hurt. 

Because of that it does produce a numbing effect no can make a person zombieish. 

Not only that, it can be addictive to certain individuals. I didn't believe it, wasn't even aware of it, but my husband of 23 years (ex) is one of them. It was very expensive at $65 an eighth oz.and when he tried to quit he was a mean s.o.b. (It didn't take much for that). 

The fact we had to buy and teens as well, from a "dealer" who also dealt other drugs made pot a gateway drug to hard drugs. Most of all, it really does impair judgement. 

Im hearing news reports telling us it's still against the law to drive under the influence. Well, duh! The whole point is it gets you high right?


Sorry I meant to say "can produce a zombieish effect."


good luck - i just left California for Arizona - have a niece and nephew in Austin but don't know if they still partake of herb. Not all of California is cool - the county I left banned outdoor growing, not sure what the ex is up to but when I left he was so illegal I just couldn't take the stress.  I don't do stress well. C-PTSD and chronic pain. Not only that but the jerk made me so miserable when high that I just quit doing it around him.  Sorry to hear about your friend's pain - it has to suck!

Well take care - I am in Prescott AZ if you pass through this way



Unfortunately there are now many counties in California that will not allow outdoor grows.  The "requirment for a grow are not very cost effective, and you can not grow unless you have a separate green house and you can only pull a certain amount of electricity.  Rather Draconian, hey?


Recreational marijuana is legal accross Canada July 1st of this year.  My 98 year old mom was on a high dose of oxy for a year due to a broken pelvis and crushed vertebrae.  She switched to cannabis oil last fall and is so much better!

Not enough is known about the long term efeects of marrijuana but when you are 98 who cares!


Well I just got a little nice Hash and it is sooo good for sleep.  Of course you can't overdo it . ....just enjoy the relief and Smile  XO


I am Canadian and four weeks ago I had emergency surgery ended up with a temp ileostomy not sure how long I will have it. When I got to the hospital they needed me to lay flat for a scan but pain was so bad I could not lay down no mater how much painkillers they pumped me with. Finally I asked them if I could go outside and smoke some weed. It was the only thing that helped me and that was how they were able to do the test. We are legal here and I'm actually amazed that we did this before the USA because they usually have more lax laws. I hope for your sake you can score some soon because it calms bowel pain better than any narcotic. Funny they hand out heroin highly addictive but won't let people have a plant that is not addictive and actually is proven to help with inflammation.


I much prefer Hash...  Such a smooth stone ..

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