Traveling with a Pouch and Medical Supplies


I had my bladder removed last October. Is it difficult to travel to the US (security) or go on a cruise with a pouch and my medical supplies?


I have a travel certificate that I use. It has been handy on my latest adventures No scissors in carry-on, not even the small ones. There are lots of posts on travel and security.

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As Xnine says - 'NO scissors!'. Other than that you shouldn't have any difficulties and they make special allowances for medical equipment. Some airlines want a medical certificate and others don't so it's just about complying with whatever regulations they have. I don't know about cruises but would imagine that arrangements would be easier with more space and freedom to move about on board. 

Have a good time.

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Go onto the TSA website. There is a place to download a certificate that you can keep in your passport or with your license. Just give that to the TSA agent and they will do a discreet, special patdown. I have traveled several times and they have been very accommodating to me. They are very respectful and tell you everything they will be doing so you know what to expect. I have had no problems at all. Good luck!


I have traveled all over the world with no problems. Just go for it.

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Hi pans, it's. I have had a colostomy for over four years now and have traveled extensively, domestically, internationally, and on cruises. Never had a problem. They may ask you to swipe your hand over your pouch, then they will swab your hand. (They are not permitted to touch you.) Carry on your supplies as suitcases do get lost. Enjoy your travels; it is all part of getting back to normal.


It was before my colostomy that I experienced travel difficulties! None since. Enjoy the cruise!

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