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Has anyone ever had to have a total proctocolectomy with revised Colostomy Surgery?

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 Hi I'm not sure, if you mean take out a part of the large intestine all the way to the "bottom", thus removing the anus and creating a stoma? If that's it, then yes I've had that surgery. I hope I didn't get it wrong. 


Yes. Do you remember how hard the recovery process was?


Hi shadowchick, yes about 4 months ago. The  recovery process is rough the first 2-3 months. You don't have much energy and you slowly try to keep walking from day one. The bed is the norm for awhile. The 3rd month is much better. It will take time for your bottom to heal. You may be on your sides a lot. Takes a while learning how to change the ostomy bag, home health nurse will help you out with generally everything. 2-3 months for your stomach to feel mainly healed. Please message me if you need to ask questions. This site is far the best for friendly answers from people who live it. Hope that helps some. :)

Hi shadowchick I had a total proctocolectemy when I was in my mid thirties and was sick and run down from UC/crohns so my recovery took awhile, it all depends on how healthy you are before the surgery. good luck

Thanks for replying. I have a couple more questions for you:

1) How many months of home health & phsical thereapy did you have to do?

2) Did you have to change your diet & lifestyle?

3) I don't have cancer, but I am bleeding so heavily that I keep having to have transfusions, I am really sick. Do you believe that the surgery will help me get a better quality of life? (from your experience)


  I sent you a message.


We all wish you well anyway mate.

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