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I am a new Ileostomy patient who is looking for advice and support from other ostomate's. I started out from infancy having difficulties with my whole intestinal system after years of non treatment in my 40's my life started going downhill with my intestines. I first found Sigmoid cancer which was caught early than next right into Slow bowel motility which they removed all of my large intestines. Than after that I dwelt with IBS and the rest of my small diseased intestines from the motility disorder now not having any control over my bowels with now having uncontrolled chronic diarrhea which caused more rectal and small intestine problems. I finally decided it was time again to deal with this problem and after years of holding off from getting a Ileostomy it was time. I'm 2 weeks out from surgery and feel like I have failed myself and my sweet husband. This has been a long time coming but I thought I could control and hold it off so for me this has been a shameful life change. I have always been the strong one my whole life and I feel defeated. I've jumped right in and have been doing as my ostomy nurses have told me only to feel shamed by them and have found that that living with an ostomy and teaching someone about them and actually having one themselves is a big difference. I have learned more from these groups than any nurse has yet to understand and explain. I know they are sincere and doing their job but most following the manufacture guidelines when teaching and frown upon any other advice. Only when you live with it I found is only the real reality of knowledge and advice. Atleast here I feel like others care and understand.Thank you for having this forum for me to get help and understanding. I know I will get better after time and I'm trying real hard my main issue is leaking under my barriers and having sensitive skin my patience is running low plus not being given a lot of teaching and advice doesn't help so this group is what I need to learn from. Thanks again for having this I look forward to learning.
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