I'm retiring as July 08 2017 and relocating from New Jersey to Charlottesville Virginia area, where the youngest daughter and grand kids are.

Had the surgery end of April 2013, Permanent colostomy, due to colorectal cancer. I had really bad pain issues -nerve damage -was on lots of pain meds till Jan 2014. Didn't want to be on the meds any longer .It took awhile but finally got over that hurdle. Still have some pain but it's do able.
Started riding my '06 Street Bob again. Short trips at first but rode 350miles last Sunday. Which is long by my current standards..lol
I also started playing golf again over the summer..well, I hit the ball around the course... .Calling it "playing golf" is a stretch
Still working on getting the stoma/ stool consistency under control. WOC Nurse just had me try a new wafer type, seems to working better. Yea

I'm married with two grown daughters and 5 Grandkids.

I'm a 'Nam Vet and a surivor of both WTC attacks .Guess I've been pretty lucky so far

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Just be nice not to have to explain what a stoma is!!
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