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Hiya, I've had my colostomy stoma for 3 years now, and to be honest I wouldn't change back. My stoma nurse suggested that I take a look at C3Life for info on care of and products for my stoma. I have found them veryu helpfull over the time with lots of good advice for anyone with problems or just somewhere to look for how other people cope with such a big change in their lives.
My life hasn't exactly been the "norm" as I've moved house 33 times since being 18. I've had 3 husbands and 4 kids.
I've just this year bout a Susuki 250cc Marauder Motorcycle, that needs a bit of TLC. When I told my doc after the op that I wanted another bike, he said to go ahead and get one. Took me 3 years to get it, but now that I have it the weather isn't up to much so I will be a fair-weather rider come next summer.
I don't watch TV I read, mainly Terry Pratchett and such like writers. I've writen my biography (not published yet) and now spend most of my tim emaking pebble art in my garden, when it's a dry day or go visit with friends in the car.
The stoma and pouches and all to do with it has now settled into a good routine so I hardly have to think about it much. The hernia is more of a problem at the moment, but will get sorted sometime :)
I'm up most days around 5am and try to stay active and busy every day.
I am surprised at the amount of people who have a stome for whatever reason, I feel for you. To begin with it took 6 months to find a pouch system that didn't irritate the skin where the waffer sits, but with trial and error I got there. I use a Hollister 22125 single use pouch, which gives the skin time in fresh-air for a while each day. Appeel spray Medical adhesive remover and Peri-Prep skin barrier wipes. I've only had a bag come free one time and that has not happened since the change to the single use pounch.
I really didn't get on well with the 4 day waffer with seperate bags, the "tuppaware" type seal kept comming loose.
Anyway, the way I see it is that we are alive when we could of been dead or in a great deal of pain, so the stoma stays and is a part of me now.
I do have issues but more to do with the reason for the stoma than any other reason.
So chin up and buckle down to do whatever jobs I feel need doing, I ask for help from friends and husband only when I really need it. Like with something heavy.
My husband told me a few years ago that I needed a hobby ( the 1/2 acre of garden kept me busy enough but was becoming self maintaining to a large degree by this point. So, as I had been collecting rocks and stones for 30+ years I decided to do something with them, hence the spirals :)
Take care of yourselves and all the things that matter to you.
Love and Peace
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