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(April 2014) Thought I'd change my profile since I've been here for a few months. I'm fairly easy on the eyes. When I'm not being angry about this stoma - I'm pretty nice to be around. :) I'm as intelligent as I want to be. I don't like to exercise, but I love to swim. My weight goes up and down with the tide.

I am a gamer - no that does not mean I like to play cards or board games. It means I play console games and online games. MMO - not so much RPG. Although I am pretty competitive at chess. I don't like animals. I don't want to get married again. Would be nice to have a partner in crime - but am doing fine on my own. I don't want to raise children - already done that and it almost put me under. They are grown and I am pushing them to be independent of me. (Even though they tried to impress upon me how independent they were as teenagers.) I don't think I could ride a motorcycle again, unless it's one of those cushy, luxury ones - and then, what's the point? I'm willing to try anything, just not sure what this body will allow.

I am not a paying member so I can not message you, but I am told I can answer. I am in general chat on and off and I check forum topics regularly.

(July 2014) MUST ADD AFTER REVIEWING: I am not religious. In talking with a friend recently I discovered I am a Christian Agnostic. :) So, a lot of you gentlemen's profiles look great but you either exercise too much or are too religious for me. Oh yea, separated and married status freaks me out looking for relationships. Not that I really think I'm going to meet anyone here, but just in case thought you should know these things. Also, I will not use my cam to chat unless I know you well; and even then is "iffy" depending on what I look like and how I feel on that day.


History: February 2009 started having issues I was told were hemorrhoids. December 2010 was diagnosed with anal cancer, stage 2 advanced. January through February 2011 -chemo/radiation treatments. Have some issues from the treatments but nothing earth-shattering. May 2013 started bleeding again. June 2013 was told the cancer was back and only remedy was this stupid surgery. July 2013 had this stupid surgery and have regretted it every minute of every day since.
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