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I am a yoga and Pilates teacher, have had a continent ostomy for over 30 years. I am having shoulder surgery in a few weeks and besides the obvious stress about the procedure, pain, not being able to move or work, I am very concerned about handling my ostomy. It requires two hands to intubate and irrigate and the doctor does not want me moving anything other than my wrist. I have yet to figure out how I am going to manage. No one in the medical community where I live has any experience with my type of ostomy, so I am feeling panicky about the situation. I have to have the surgery - it is a major injury and getting riskier the longer I wait. I was also told that I will have even more pain if I have to move the arm for any reason, and it will be possible to prevent healing, resulting in the need to re-operate. SO I am worried about many things - managing the ostomy, managing the pain, and being under anesthesia and having a problem that no one is prepared to handle. Any help out there?!