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I am glad to find out about this site - albeit three years after the accident and subsequent life-flite from the Pacific Coast to the day before the "event" I was an FAA Flight Qualified aviator of over 16,000 flight hours. The next day was in a comatose state (lasting 3 months). Multiple organ failure had occurred after the blood clot - witnesses report I was unconscious before I fell to the floor. 99% of my intestines were removed, the liver and kidneys were re-initialized, gall bladder and heart were damaged and 17% memory loss occurred. Spent 7 months in intensive care.... was reported during my coma that I had two strokes and 5 heart attacks and was clinically deceased three times. Went through resuscitation events....turns out in one event during the life flite the aero medics broke my jaw and 5 teeth were shattered during resus. The nightmare actually began when I came out of coma. I could not believe where I was or why .... all the lines, IV's, pumps, pic lines, stomach feeding tube, staples from my upper sternum all the way down to my upper groin from being split open. I was told I went back into cardiac arrest from the shock of being told what all transpired. Going into septic shock was a "No Joy" event. Several more months passed and 9 complete body transfusions had to be performed. Before discharge from the Regional Veterans Hospital Seattle I had to learn to use a walker equipped with life support equipment which would be interfaced into a docking station at my house - one of my bedrooms was converted into an intensive care extension of a hospital room - even with a staff and telemetry. I felt at a loss - my world as I knew it was over. Self image? Gone - as I felt like the "Borg" a bio-droid race of Star Trek. Spent 4 more months in my "special room" Reading and re learning of my past and new condition and tired of being in a powered bed. Had now been tasked to learn to walk with a cane and learn to eat semi solid food as now the computer/feeder tube was removed from my chest/stomach. Had diverticulitus prior for over 30 years - acquired from long duration missions - flying for the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force and NASA . This is believed to have started the spiral down condition of my system. I hope to hear from others in the "same boat" of how they remastered life and re-set their way of thinking. Also, I do "commute" a bit....driving to my properties near the Canadian border - Birch Bay and Bellingham, including to Portland, Oregon on a weekly basis. I thank you for reading this long bio. Henry eaglerescue911 at hot mail dot com or 360 810 six two two five
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Hello, I have had my ostomy since January 2021.
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