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I want to learn as much about life with an ileostomy as I can. There is no support group in my area so much of what I have learned I have found on the internet. I am not interested in meeting anyone for dating purposes, only for useful tips and the latest information and products available for living with an ileostomy. Thank you.
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m, 66
Urostomy on my right quadrant.
Maryland, United States
m, 59
i am new to this unfortunatly i have double problems.i also a bi l...
North Carolina, United States
m, 43
Colorectal cancer survivor that underwent a total proctocolectomy ...
f, 73
I have a ostomy bag for life. I had colon cancer in 2018. So far, ...
Florida, United States
f, 64
I have an ileostomy since June 2021, permanent with a rectal stump ...
Tennessee, United States