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Been Urostomate for 10 yrs now , due to Bladder cancer . Tumour was removed first but Cancer proved to be Invasive , so Bladder , Lymphs & Prostate had to go . Had 3 weeks in Hospital & 3 months off work . Went back to work for a while , but on checking my savings , invetments & pension plans , I took early retitrment at age 62 . I've just turned 71 & have many interests & hobbies . I've been with my lady partner for over20 yrs . I do have an ex family somewhere out there ( Wife , 2x Daughter etc) but havnt heard a thing from them in 40 yrs & a lot of water has flown under the bridge since ...so no probs with that . I've had about 38 jobs since leaving school , so can turn my hand to most things ( as & when the spirit moves me . I'm lucky to live in a nice part of UK in a nice , easy to live in , small house . I prefer the social side of forums than the medical side. I have a sarcastic sense of humour ( a bit dark ) Probably , because I have little or no patience with people who cant or wont understand .

Step grandson is now 19 & is doing his BSc in Biology at the University of Sheffield UK.

I dont worry about things that I can do nothing about.If you cant do someone a good turn... Dont do them a bad one!!!

Love to chat about ANYTHING... I have an opinion on everything... I have a great sense of humour ..if somewhat sarcastic at times... Love aircraft, Jeeps, Photography, Used to travell a lot but not so much now . I have 2 grown daughters from my marriage & my partner has 2 grown daughters................... One 15 year old grandson , He is my best friend....
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