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I am an older man young at heart in many ways. I am intelligent, warm, gentle, have a good sense of humor, enjoy live music a lot (jazz and blues, Gypsy swing, old standards, some R& B) and generally go out to hear some two or three times a week at least.

I am also well traveled, having been to Europe countless times--over 20 countries--and having lived in the UK during a couple periods of my life and done some work at the University of Edinburgh both undergraduate and graduate; also ran an American university campus outside London for a few years. I've been in 48 out of 50 states and also once to Japan for a rather brief visit.

I had prostate cancer a couple years ago and was 100% cured but left with a few physical problems from the treatments, nothing visible to the outside world but involving major surgery and affecting my stamina: i.e., an irreversible sigmoid colostomy.

After a few years of social isolation while taking care of an aging parent, I finally broke out and made a lot of friends in the Galveston Bay Area (where I lived before recently moving to Portland) and became an active musician playing congas, bongos, and djembes with a couple local bands. I have played acoustic piano my entire life, BTW.

Politically and socially I am definitely a liberal. I don't particularly enjoy political discussion or argument, however, and I really cannot tolerate the company of right-wing conservatives or anyone with serious prejudices or hang-ups about people who do not always agree with them. I also stay away from people who are into hunting or are extreme football fanatics!

I've perhaps been overly particular in my search criteria, but I've certainly never done this before so must go through a learning curve. I notice a lot of rejection of smokers, so be aware that I never smoke indoors or in a car, only in the perfectly ventilated outdoors! I live in a 100%-smoke-free building, too. But after fifty years, it is unlikely that I will succeed in quitting entirely. I do drink quite a bit when I am out, but no one will ever see me intoxicated: I just become less shy and a bit more talkative and jovial!

Younger women have seemed to enjoy my company and affectionate nature, and I frankly and openly enjoy the attentions of younger and very attractive women. I have no interest in a long-term serious relationship; I just want someone who will enjoy my company, NSA, is physically attractive, shares my interests in music, books, etc., and likes to cuddle, hold hands, hug a lot, etc. It should be someone to go to jazz and blues venues with who might also enjoy relaxing in my downtown penthouse, watching a movie together, sharing drinks, and possibly exploring each other in a soft way. If it worked out, I might like that someone to take short car trips with me occasionally, since I still have some explorations of the Pacific Northwest to pursue and a very comfortable Jaguar XJ8L sitting in the garage most of the time that definitely needs some exercise.

Believe me, I am not here just to try hitting on anyone, nor am I a dirty old man looking for quickies. I am a very honest and caring and straightforward person and like to be "up front" always. I don't play mind games and I don't like people who do, or cheat, or are not forthcoming with true feelings.

But as a relatively new Portlander, who has some family here but few friends yet, finding some affectionate and attractive companionship is important to me. It's the companionship that matters first and foremost.

I'm looking for an attractive, younger woman who likes jazz/blues/Latin/Zydeco music and likes to go to local venues to hear it live. Also museums, movies at home, drives into the countryside in a very comfortable car. Someone who likes affection, hugs, a cuddler! Obviously at my age I am not looking for a long-term thing, just some warm companionship NSA.
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