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Aileen green

Hi, I am 58 years old. I was diagnosed with Squamos cell cancer in 06 and again in 2010 . I have been clear now for four years. I had to have a major surgery in 2010 that left me wit and ileostomy. Prior to that in 07 I had to have an colostomy. I would just like to meet other people who have had to go thru the same things as I have. The surgery they gave me in 2010 was called a salvaged surgery, so I'll put it all out there, they took my bladder, Rectom , they took my tail bone and another bone I can't remember the name, but it's the curved bone right below the tail bone. They even closed me up vaginaly, which I had to get therapy for. Quite the blow for a woman. So, I just have lots of issues that I would love to talk about and just know I'm not the only one out there. Sometimes I feel like such a freak. I know I'm not, but for someone who was always in shape, healthy, and had a lot of confidence, I'd love to get back in that frame of mind. I also suffer a lot of nerve pain, daily!! And have problems with Lympho demas. Thanks, oh, the meds they have me on, and so far are the only ones that sort of help are, OxyContin , Percocet for break thru pain, Lyrica, for the nerve pain and cymbalta. I saw someone on here who had a fistula vaginally through the rectum, and she was looking for someone who had had the same thing. Well, here I am, I had the same fistula from cancer, twice. So far I've been clear for almost five years.
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