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I am looking for friends to chat with. I am also single and looking for a companion to go to movies, dinner, lunch, and get out and enjoy myself. I love to work out at the gym, and swim. I love movies, and I read books. I am currently reading the Alex Cross series written by James Patterson. I am open to doing more things, and I would like to get to know someone who can share their different experiences,and be exposed to their interests. I think this is a great way to try and find someone who has had similar medical issues. It would be much easier to be familiar with each others physical bodies, and what we have been through, than having a partner who would not understand that we are normal people and we just have an ostomy!

I travel to San Francisco, Philly, and Denver to see my kids and my friends. It would be fun to get to know other people while I am traveling to see the sights.
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