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Hi - In early 2007 I wasnt feeling very well, kept going home from work early, no interest in anything. Eventually I went to see my doctor, his first words were when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror. I never do, never like what I see, I told him laughing. Well you are jaundice. That was the start. Two full laparotomies later (totally unrelated to the jaundice) I had my large bowel removed and a colostomy added, my spleen had to come out and a fistual repaired and massive infections cleaned up not to mention MRSA. The jaundice was due to my imune system attacking my liver - diagnosed as auto imune hepatitus. I'm on 14 tablets a day mostly for the liver problems. But there is one thing I alwasy say - keep smiling because there is always someone worse off then you. :)

Looking for friends to chat to and share experiences - I am happily married to a man who has been with me every step of the way - I am not sure I would be here without him xxx
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