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Any vegan men out there? I am interested in finding a friend/partner for companionship, fun, travel and a long term relationship. I am a nurse and I have seen all types of bodies. I feel my ostomy should not interfere with finding a quality man, but unfortunately, it is the reality. I am grateful for the surgery I had as it has drastically changed my life for the better. I am ready to enjoy my life after a long battle with illness and hospitalizations. All I need is the right man to share it with. I am hoping to find that different kind of man here. No shallow Hal's for me please! I am not a member but will join if I hear from you :-). I am no longer working as I am disabled due to ongoing epilepsy. Really want a nice gentleman in my life. It's been a very long time. Been spending some time in Nayarit, Mexico and headed there again on February 1st for a month then back again for June and July. Let's go together! Love the ocean and need to conserve money as I am trying to live on my disability payments. Mexico is that place where I can live comfortably on the beach with my income. Let's face this thing together and find the happiness that we both deserve!!
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