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I'm very happy with my stoma.
Being incontinent isn't the catastrophe that I thought it would be. I had rectal cancer nearly four years ago and have a permanent stoma. I didn't like having to wear a bag during treatment and I hated feeling poo pushing out of me all the time. I had some real disasters with massive explosions of wind and poo blasting my bag off, very embarrassing, I hated it.

Then I got onto irrigation. Irrigation gives me 95% bowel control and I quite enjoy my daily routine - it's fun, no more poo pushing out, after all, what's not there can't come out.
I'd Love to chat to anybody out there who, like me, has lost all reservations about poo and has their bum on their tummy, rdpecially if you irrigate.

We've all looked into hell in the Consultants room, but we're here and doing alright. We've so much to share and to support each other, not to mention the fun that having a 're designed body can bring.

I'm not a full member so I can't contact you but I would really love to hear from anyone to chat about the joys of having a stoma. It's a pity that we need full membership just to make contact with each other, I guess that there are an awful lot of 'Free Members'. Hi Ho.
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