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mmmm Hi all Me 63 6ft 2 eyes of green Crohns for ever 62 and a ileostomy recovered was 225lbs after the opp and 11 months later and 262lbs I eat 2000 calories per day out dog walking every day 3 miles + a very active lifestyle so how have I put on so much weight ? Thats why im here ... that and to find some like minded friends

I am a Qualifed Chef and Trained also as a Dietician so I am at a head scratching situation why ? after colon removal have I put on weight ?

Hobbies I am a qualified pilot and glider pilot but ...because of my increased weight I cant fly Gliders .... I also sail and have a Beneteau 411 sailing Yacht Im into classic cars TVR's Westfield and Brabus and Motorcycles I ride a BMW K1200LT and a Screming Eagle 1340 Harley + Vw T5 Vans and Converting a Crafter into full blown motor home .

We Have Portuguese Water dogs for 13 years and have 3 three year olds all diffrent litters ! 1 Boy and 2 Girls We show and got a 3rd at Crufts this year and just about to have our first litter of Puppies which is exciting and about to be time consuming lol for a few weeks . Then In September we ill be off to Portugal for a Month or so to Compeat in the Portuguese Water Trials with 2 of our dogs again sucessfully in the Trials.

I love to cook and its more of a Hobby now and cook for between 6 an 10 in our busy hosehold so food is always great Thai and Asian Indian my favourite flavours ... But cook anything.

We live in Sunny Oxford UK

Well thats kind of it :)

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