I'll be 76 on April 11th. Have been through a stage 4 cervical cancer and am still here and 2 years ago I developed colon cancer which metastasized to my lung. One lung tumor was removed last year as well as my gall bladder and next Monday, March 9th another metastatic lung tumor will be removed from a love on the left side. It's all very interesting, exhausting but interesting, and I treasure eacfh and every day I wake up and can say "God morning tol ya". I have 3 step-sons who are extremely wonderful to me and I hope I am that for them. My husband, a lawyer, lost his eyesight 4 years ago along with both of his thumbs due to being in septic shock and in a coma for over 5 months. Somehow, some way, he still practices. And that keeps up smiling and coping and rather comfy and joyous together.

I'm hoping for a female "friend" with whom I might share my ostomy adventure and other such joyous happenings. i'm now 77 and active enough (for me). I am presently undergoing treatment in an LTAC (long-term acute-care)hospital -- hope to get home this week. My last surgery to repair an infected hernia repair in my stoma came up with postive cultures for MRSA and VRE. UGH! I'm in the hospital because of medicare totally idiotic rules and regs. Very frustrating. I'm getting through it thnough
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