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I am a out going fun loving person. i love to make people laugh. i am the oldest of 5 kids, 3 sisters and 1 bro. Looking to meet people that go through ever day life like me.

I had my first surgery when i was 10 1/2 hours old, which is when i got my ileostomy and i got my urstomy when i was 4. i had 8 surgerys by the time i was 4. I also have a slight case of spinabifida and by the grace of God i can walk. I am looking for other people my age and that have gone through some of the same experiences as I have. I don't tell alot of people about my medical back ground. Why you may ask, cause it doesn't change who i am and it isn't who i am. Most of the time i have a smile on my face and LOVE to make people laugh. I have had 18 surgeries in total in my 38 years of life. For the most part i am a healthy person. I have 2 beautiful nieces and 4 handsome nephews that i enjoy spending time with. I am unable to have kids of my own, also do to birth defect, and would love to adopt someday. I'm a usual quiet person at first and never talk about myself this much lol. If there is anything else you want to know just ask!!
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