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I need answers to issues. I also have some answers to share or help others , hopefully. Standing alone is absolutely not the way. It's time I talk about, " the thing." I'm very modest and private about my ileostomy. I didn't come to this feeling alone, but from people I once thought of as friends. It's as if I have the plague not a rare form of a cancer disease which was genetically passed from a man my mother met 62 years ago! She has no idea ir is unwilling to discuss who this person might have been. I had no idea nor did she that I was so sick for my childhood and until I was diagnosed, then my two children as well. It's been rough. Thanks for listening.
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Hello, I am new to this. A little about me I was diagnosed with s...
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I work at a hospital so my schedule is kinda crazy, love anything s...
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Diagnosed with crohns disease in 1985. New ostomate December 2021
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New to having an colostomy and need encouragement.
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