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This introduction was written over 3 years ago. I had a colostomy last week. This is a whole new experience for me. I dealt with bowel problems since I was born. And, I had 3 surgeries for rectal prolapse, the 3rd one failed immediately. So, I have dealt with bowel incontinence for years. I was advised to have the colostomy years ago, buy kept trying to "handle it". Needless to say, my life was very limited, with constant "accidents". After having a surgery to correct a large hiatal hernia (which had caused aspiration pneumonia last year) and having such amazing results, I started thinking seriously about having the ostomy. I read a story in an AARP magazine about how much it could improve one's life and thought more about the surgery. I am already much more comfortable! But, I have so much to learn. I will be reading posts from members and will be asking questions, for sure! Thank you already!
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