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Updating my profile. I have an ileostomy. I have had it for 26 years. My surgery was life or death. There was no time to prepare mentally. I had gotten sepsis from a tiny hole in my colon. Now that i look back, i wouldnt change it. I am not chained to the bathroom or sickly 24/7. I take remicade infusions to manage it and it has allowed me to have a much better quality of life. Im thankful and grateful im still here.
Im into things like nature. I love hanging out at bbqs and around a lake in summer. I love camping or a good fire. Im down to earth. Some may say im a lil bit strange because i am obsessed with crystals and gemstones and im always looking at the moon but i dont care because thats who i am.
Feel free to message me to chat or advice or anything. Im around more often these days:)
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