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Just had my colostomy 9 Nov. 2017, due to rectal cancer. New at all this and need all the information and ideas I can get. Real people are more clever than manufacturers. I enjoy reading all the interesting ways everyone handles everything from accidents to lousy appliances. I have a lot to learn.

One thing I have learned in the past few months: whatever really works for you and your lifestyle--do it. My stoma is still shrinking to its permanent size, so I am fussing around with measuring, cutting, etc. I also get every free sample I can and give them a try--home alone, of course.

Finally, I'm afraid to go out much. I keep my trips out of house short and to well known places. Terrified to go back to work. I'm still healing as my colostomy was just one part of my cancer operation. So I am semi-homebound anyway for the next six months, although I am not an invalid. Gets boring.

One question to all--does your 'self-care' time regarding your barrier and bag or 'onesie' really lessen to a more normal amount of time? I can't imagine spending 45 minutes in a public stall.

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