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I have had an ostomy since 1983 and I haven't really talked with anyone else who has one. It has never really prevented me from much. I travel, eat everything, and do a lot of activities (mountain biking, snowboarding, and I recently took up surfing ). I moved back to LA five years ago and have been reflecting on what having an ostomy has meant to me.
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f, 37
Looking for Relationship
Wisconsin, United States
f, 46
Permanent ileostomy for 3 1/2 year, from crohns
Washington, United States
f, 59
Looking for friends with ostomies. Share experiences and being supp...
Pennsylvania, United States
f, 59
I been living with a colostomy since 2008. Went into surgery to re...
Illinois, United States
f, 50
I Currently have a ileostomy.
New York, United States