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Hi there. First, I had what was supposed to be a temporary colostomy about 3 1/2 years ago. Things worked out so well that I decided to keep it. I had been misdiagnosed for four months until they found out -- after an ambulance ride, 35lb weight loss and 4 months of discomfort followed by two months of constant pain -- that I had three huge abscesses from diverticulitis one of which had perforated the bowel along with a bowel to bladder fistula, and the worst hemorrhoids my surgeon has ever seen. Other than that, I was fine. 14 days in the hospital the frist time and and three more congeries later and here we are. I've been attending an Ostomy Support Group for about 3 years now.

I've been sober for 25 years in AA and am on Lamictal and Wllbutrin. My night person habits have gotten worse over the years. I have two rental houses and early SSI coming in that covers my expenses in addition to voice over, model, and film work from time to time. It's not as glamorous as it sounds.

I've been somewhat of a couch potato of late and would like to be more active. I just came off of a bad bad break up -- well, about a year ago -- and I'm just starting to see the light of day. I've never been married and have no kids.

I took fencing courses for a while but I really want to go to dance class. Right now I have a light regimen of yoga.

I've posted a few pictures of me and one is my resume' shot. For fear of being immodest, I look great from the neck up. The rest not so much. It's a dad bod so I've been told.

That's all I got for now.
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