Most of my spare time is spent with my adult girls and their significant others. My youngest is married to a mountain man in Pine Cove, CA. My oldest just married an Army man stationed in Bagdad. My middle child is leaving for college better late than never.We love adventures. Target shooting, fishing, camping in my truck and overhead camper in the cool of the forest lost in a full moon with stars you can almost reach out and touch.
We all spend a lot of time with our church groups. We do prioritize our Christian life. (But...Play well with others.)

I have FAITH for today; but HOPE for tomarrow. Just passed my one year mark since colostomy. I think I'm getting the 'HANG of the THING' The shock has subsided, thanks to you guys..n gals. Hope to figure out how to use instant chat soon. Reversal hopes are fading til Doc figures out why there is such slow peristalsis. I still do alot of camping and fishing and some horse riding.
I have never met anyone with an ostomy, but I hope to do some traveling to meet some of you. Sitting down with someone to have a face to face conversation would be nice. There are so many things that would be easier to talk about in person.
Contact me if you happen to be visiting Southern California.
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