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About 6 years ago, I had an emergency colostomy resulting from a ruptured colon from diverticulitis. I had it reversed about 8 months later, with no apparent issues. This year, about 3 months ago, I again had an emergency surgery, this time for ruptured left over colon (as well as partial small intestine) due to scarring, adhesions, blood clots, and more diverticuli. This time it was an ileostomy, potentially reversible. (The issue may come down to adhesions again). As these episodes were extremely hard my body, I lost consciousness long before the actual surgeries, I'm kind of leery of more surgery.

My current concerns revolve around exercise: Before this last surgery, I had been quite fit, going to the gym frequently (about 6 days a week) and taking all kinds of work-outs from basic core, Pilates, yoga to cardio cross fit, & Barre. These involved body weight as well as weights to 5-7 lbs. in a normal weight series.

I am a small person (4'10", before weight 103,after 90) and desperately need to get some of my strength (and weight/muscle) back. I am 65 and a retired nurse. I have spoken to my docs about resuming an exercise program and they agree that I can to this if I take it sloowly. I do a little core work (no specific core work-eg no crunches) but seem to manage most exercise routines. I am mostly doing light Pilates and yoga and have added in some cardio/cross training with small weights (2-3 lbs). I can feel when I push it too much and stop. The trainers at my gym are excellent and will tell me modifications to use as I need them.
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