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I have had my ileostomy since September, 2018. Polly Pooper is her name and she talks a lot of '''. It has been a whirlwind for us since then. Dating has been nil. I am looking for someone who has the same in common with me. Always helps doesn’t it? It’s hard to talk to non stoma people.
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f, 46
Hi. My name is Staci. I have an ostomy with the option for reversal...
Colorado, United States
f, 49
Errrm …. This is awks!
United Kingdom
m, 41
Hi, my name is Christopher. I've had my bag for around 15 years. I...
Vermont, United States
f, 55
Colostomy due to rectal cancer happening soon. I'm hoping to learn...
Oregon, United States
m, 41
Hi had my ileostomy since 17th March 2022 was done as emergency sur...
United Kingdom