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Diagnosed with FAP. (Polyposis) Had surgery in 2008 for colorectal cancer, the result was an ileostomy and a urostomy, prostate and anus removed, as well as bowel and bladder.
I love the outdoors, traveling around and camping. But mostly staying at home with my two cat's, and working on bikes.
Motorcycles have been my life long passion. Both riding and restoring them.
I'm on this site because I don't do Social Media. Here I can connect with good people, living with the same disability. To learn, and to help the Newbies. It's not the end of the world to have a stoma, I have two of them.

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Looking for Support
Virginia, United States
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Maryland, United States
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United Kingdom
f, 55
Permanent ileostomy since 2008 (due to Crohn's disease).
m, 34
I'm A survivor of gun violence and because of that i was given a c...
Michigan, United States