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I just wanted to pass on some information I thought might be helpful for some people. Right before Labor Day I experienced a crisis when I discovered that I was almost out of the lubricating/deodorizing liquid I used. Tried to order more to no avail, Nothing was going to be available until after the holiday, way after. I came up with a different product than I had been using out of desperation but I’m using it by choice now.

My new product is the cheapest generic baby oil you can find. It helps if there is a spout in the lid. I was paying $28 a bottle for for extra product from company. Now I pay under three dollars for a large bottle. I use it even when I don’t have to. Actually I prefer it. It actually does the job better. And the smell! what better smell is there then baby oil!

Just thought somebody out there might like to know. Hope this helps. By the way, I have had an illiostomy for more than 4 years.