My ileostomy was in Oct 2019. I'm also interested in a relationship but can see how an ileostomy can prevent anyone from being interested. Update. Leaking has greatly improved. Surgeon has been testing me for takedown. then a covid surge occurred. Waiting once again 🙂 Jan 2022. No take down for now. I flunked the pulmonary tests. I am politically a conservative.
I have a Parson Russell dog.he's a puppy still.
Just sold my big old dinosaur of a house and retired to a 1000 sq ft house with NO stairs. Small yard for Billy. He and I love the ocean and the dog park. I'm enjoying the beginning of retirement. It's fun in a new house, new town and lots of exploring. Merijane (yes, that's my name lol)
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My only information regarding my Ostomy is the book the hospital ga...
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I am looking for answers to common issues with ostomy and fistula
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I am 51 and as of May 2022 I was was hospitalized with sepsis, on ...
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