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My life was turned upside down when I went to the hospital expecting maybe an overnight stay and some IV steroids, and instead spent over a month in the hospital and went home with an ostomy. I'm looking for people in similar situations (people with ostomies) who are making the best out of this shitty hand and still thriving.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was 15, and it was mostly controlled with medicine until June of 2019. That's when things went downhill, and I ended up with an ostomy. It's been two years now. The surgery was supposed to be temporary, but I've been dragging my feet. The thought of another surgery and recovery makes me want to hide under the covers. Haha

During recovery, one of my first big steps was to drive myself to a support group. Being around other people who had gone through the same traumatic experience was the most therapeutic thing I could have done for myself. As a member of the human race, we all have a lot of shared experiences that allow us to understand one another. Having ostomy surgy isn't one of those things. It's not a right of passage like being bullied or losing your virginity. Going through that surgery and living life with an ostomy makes you different, and you're carrying a unique physical burden understood only by people who have also gone through it.

With the plague's emergence, I hope this site can act as a surrogate support group where I can continue to make connections with people who understand, and who knows, maybe when the coast is clear, we can meet up and go snowboarding or mountain biking!
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