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I got Chron's when I was 8. I had the J-pouch operation @ 24. It was very difficult. I had trouble right away and it never felt right even tho it was saving m y life. Less than a decade later I had another surgery. A total hysterectomy. It was what was holding the j-pouch in place. It collapsed down on to my pelvic floor. For 17 years I told doctors something was really wrong only to be dismissed. Finally I found Dr. Feza Remzi. He & Dr. Shen from the Cleveland Clinic and NYU Langone Medical Center confirmed everything and I had to have an ileostomy. My J-pouch will remain for 6 months while I heal from the ostomy surgery and decide if I'd like to have another internal pouch.
I am looking for dietary know how. I need to lose weight! I want to construct a real diet that becomes a life style. I find that dietitians in the GI world are not as privy as real patients who experience what we do.
I am looking for a place where I can ask questions because I am new at this and still in the hospital. I am looking for support when I go home. I am concerned about my need to lose weight and how to do that on low fiber diet and other restrictions.
Has anyone had success at losing weight and still maintaining there health?
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