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My name is Oscar. I work doing pest control now almost 13 years this May. I’ve had bouts with diverticulitis over the past 5 years. Antibiotics killed the infection and I moved on to the next time. But I did not take good care of myself. I ate what I wanted. I didn’t exercise. Eventually, I developed a blockage and surgery was my only choice. At first the surgeon chose laparoscopic surgery but, once in surgery, there were complications and he had to cut me open. I just had my surgery on February 21, 2020. I’m told wearing an ostomy pouch will be temporary and will have another surgery in 6 - 12 months. I’ve spent many hours so far watching videos on YouTube and learning how many people have stoma’s. Yesterday however, I watch a YTV of a young man who went through one surgery and was told he would have another to repair; like me. But, upon waking from his second surgery, he still had a pouch. And he’ll have it for life. One thing al the videos have in common is the people are so positive. As if instead of getting a stoma, they won the lotto. And in some cases with UC, for sample; they did. Now I’m at the beginning of this change in my life. Learning the products. Getting used to changing the “appliances”, as they’re called. I still need to figure out how I will incorporate this into my work life. It seems, right now, it’s difficult. I’m just trying to figure all this out. I have so many questions. I hope I can find guidance here.
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